4 Oversights That are Killing Your B2B Success This Year (And How to Fix Them)


B2B firms are under more pressure than ever with growing competition and increasing customer expectations. If you’re struggling to organize your marketing and still committing these critical mistakes, consider a B2B marketing executive search to help guide your business to growth.

1. Underusing SEO Staffing to Develop a Presence on Google SERPS

The Solution: Develop an SEO staffing strategy or acquire SEO  and get them to run an audit on your website. If you don’t appear #1 for at least your business name, then you have big problems.

2. STILL Lacking an Email List

The Solution: Don’t, and I repeat DO NOT under any circumstance just blindly pitch your list. Instead build a relationship from your emails. Provide useful content that genuinely helps them with their business. Those who are interested will naturally contact you for help. For example if you are an accountant, send an email with your top tips for tax preparation – I’ll be surprised if at least one client doesn’t approach you for work that day.

The Biggest B2B Marketing Trends of 2016:

video from Biness

3. Failing to Optimize Conversion Rates

The Solution: head to HotJar and get yourself a free trial. This software allows you to see how your visitors are interacting with your site. Once you have some data and see some patterns (Such as no one wanting to fill out the 32 question quote form), then you can make adjustments and see how they affect your conversion rate.

4. Making Weak Investments Due to a Lack of a B2B Marketing Executive Search

The solution: Before you sign another marketing check, have a deep look at what is generating you the best ROI and see if that method can be scaled any higher without losing its effectiveness.