What This Year Has in Store for Influencer Marketing

The quickly growing power of influencer relationships has not gone unnoticed to our marketing communications recruiters, and we’ve been looking for hot talent with the ability to build relationships with those key personalities. Here are the 5 biggest trends in influencer marketing to watch for in 2016:

1. 3 New Channels Standout Among the Rest

Facebook Video

In July 2015, Facebook created the official news to split ad revenue using its video makers. Since then, Facebook’s video progress has risen to more than 8 billion average views each day (Techcrunch), however it’s also been supported with almost equal amounts of copyright controversy and vlogger disgruntlement headed by leading YouTubers and YouTube programs (including VidCon co founder Hank Green and leading learning channel, Kurzgesagt).


Though Snapchat does not currently offer marketers third party usage of its API nor a primary full dash commonly available in other top social programs, the lack of advertising full data has not eliminated marketers from merging with top Snapchat influencers “Snapchatters” to release their particular Snapchat marketing campaigns. As is, Snapchat feels like an experimental area especially when considered from YouTube, blogs, among others without the kind of proven metrics easily obtainable. Nevertheless, several major brands from all sectors have jumped in to the Snapchat place including Burberry, GE, Taco Bell, Amazon, and much more.


Together with the increase of live streaming platforms, many brands are partnering with leading social media influencers to push awareness and engagement for certain event activations oftentimes featuring channel takeovers to travel wedding and awareness for particular event activations and/or item/service launches.

2. Volume of Engagement Takes a Backseat to Quality Engagement

Just like the development of show ads, considering influencer marketing has evolved from simple mirror metrics (perceptions, opinions, fans) to further engagement involving involvement rates, comments, crowd sentiment, sales, and conversions.

3. Mastering Omnichannel with Talent From Influencer Marketing Recruiters

2015 saw the rise of several brands utilizing wedding and the reach of platform-specific influencers (e.g. Viners, Instagrammers, YouTubers) on their unique system and therefore promoting influencer-created content across different social channels. For models sponsoring content with leading social media influencers, a crossplatform strategy reinforces brand messaging and certainly will be strategically employed to reach readers on numerous touch points and social channels.YouTubers) on their initial system and subsequently promoting influencer-created content across other social channels. For manufacturers recruiting content with prime social media influencers, a cross platform strategy supports brand message and will be strategically useful to reach people on various contact points and social channels.

4. Instagram Influencer Marketing Growth Has Begun

The growth of businesses the initial influencer marketing firms, and platforms has provided better access to creators.

5. YouTube Continues to Reign Supreme

As experienced contractors working in social media staffing are all too aware, YouTube has rolled Shoppable Ads out with many significant modifications specifically its Live Internet, and ad – YouTube Red, free membership service.