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Another powerful (and timely) post from Andrew Moravick for the Aberdeen Group. As hot as all things digital marketing are right now, we anticipate event marketing to continue being an essential part of many marketing mixes. New tech (and updated versions of older tools) is opening up brand new options for clever marketers. Event marketing recruiters will be on the lookout for talented individuals who can integrate classic networking and selling tactics with new tech this year. Check out some highlight’s from Andrew’s post, as well as Aberdeen’s related report, Event Marketing Technology: Your Invitation to Marketing ROI.

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How Event Marketing Recruiters Define Event ROI

Of course, the fact that such technology exists doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use it. A budget-holding stakeholder with a “C” in their title may deny investment in any event management technology by saying, “We already have money tied up in head-count, T & E, logistics, and sponsorship fees for events; if we aren’t cutting it with our current budget, we shouldn’t be adding cost by buying new technology!”

You may scoff, or think it’ll never happen to you, but trust me, it happens all too frequently.

The value offered by event management technology for marketing, however, addresses this reluctance head on. By supporting integration with other marketing technologies and appropriately talented marketing technology staffing, improving tracking capabilities for promoting, sponsoring, and managing events, and even streamlining post-event marketing and sales activities, this technology makes it possible for events to function less like a semi-random, standalone marketing tactic, and more like a trackable component of an integrated marketing strategy.

An Example of Technology Making Event Attendance and Marketing Easier

Most notably, as we see in Figure 1, event management users are 75% more effective (reporting a 4 as “effective,” or a 5 as “very effective” on a 1-5 scale) at increasing their overall productivity via integrated marketing technologies than non-users (67.9% vs. 38.8%)

1 - event marketing recruiters chart

In other words, event management solutions not only “play well with others” (i.e., other marketing technologies), but they also contribute to improved performance from the overall marketing technology stack.

Also worth noting, is that none of the competencies in Figure 1 are exclusive to event management per se.

Being “effective” or “very effective” at developing and executing against a clear marketing strategy, for example, requires that all complete marketing departments and/or initiatives are in sync with and accountable to said strategy. For users of event management solutions to be 20.6% more effective in this regard than their peers (56.7% vs. 47.0%), indicates that the events strategy must itself be much more aligned and coordinated with the overall marketing strategy.

This kind of improved strategic alignment benefits the marketing organization as a whole, and not just those managing events. Chalk that up as one BIG way event management technology makes events both more measurable AND more effective.

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