Differentiating Copy and Content for Your Creative Staffing Needs

Differentiating copy and content is common challenge, especially among industry veterans who may be very familiar with traditional ideas of copywriting and creative staffing, but not up to date on modern content marketing strategies. For firms that rely on contract marketing staffing agencies to augment their creative production, understanding the nuances and differences between the two is critical to bring in the right talent. Check out this thorough explanation of the two, and how they should work together:

Content-marketing means developing and sharing precious free content to attract and convert prospects into customers — and consumers into repeat customers.

Copywriting, like other common roles in creative staffing, gets a reader to take a specific activity. Sometimes that’s building a purchase, however it can be checking to your email list, signing up for your content library, or calling you to find out more.

Content-marketing is blogs, podcasts, and email autoresponders.

Copywriting is sales pages, ads, and direct mail.

Two different beasts, right?

Well, not if you’re doing it right.

Content Not Expressed Through Excellent Copywriting Made by Creative Staffing is Wasted Opportunity

There are several blogs on the market with really great content — and only a few visitors. (Perhaps yours is one of these.)

If your creative marketing team is creating great articles that folks would love to read, but you’re not having the traffic you desire, the situation may not be effective copywriting.

Remember, copywriting may be the art of convincing your reader to take a specific activity. And if it takes place in a podcast yes, it’s however copywriting or video … if you’re doing it.

“The clever use of copywriting techniques on your own website can get readers a subscription to your content, opt-in for your email list, and share your excellent posts with other readers. That’s the way you create a large, loyal audience.”

Some excellent thoughts on the codependence of content and copy

video from Pro Copywriters Network

Copywriting Not Used to Support Tactics of Content Marketing Staffing is Just Empty Words

So, is copywriting anything? Will the effective use of copywriting strategies launch you automatically in to the rates of the world’s hottest sites?

Sadly, no.

If you do a fantastic work packaging and marketing junk, all you could do is efficiently have the word about bad your crap is out. Not the result you’re searching for.

Smart marketers still must maintain these concepts of great content marketing at heart.

And, of course, remember the first rule of Copyblogger:

Excellent content is unparalleled at getting potential customers to stick around, providing a sales message without experience ” and building connection.

That’s why lots of the sharpest copywriting thoughts now benefit a “content net” approach. They incorporate great content and strategic copywriting to obtain the best of both worlds.

That will be exactly what Copyblogger (where this post originated) has been been educating visitors for your past 10 years.