How Content Marketing Staffing Can Push for Bigger Budgets

Great article! Content marketing is very trendy right now, but we often see business leaders dragging their feet when it comes to the content marketing recruitment and technology needed to make a successful strategy. This new tactic is quite effective, but only when properly supported by a variety of creative and technical marketing talent and tools.

The post suggests three main strategies for gathering the needed support:

  • Presenting a logical, analytically-driven case
  • Playing off the personalities and emotions of the people holding the purse strings
  • Asking for forgiveness rather than permission

Which you choose is up to you.

Unique and compelling content has always been a scarce and valuable commodity on the web. Consumers, brands, software companies, and even search engines have created a booming industry around creating, organizing, consuming, sharing, and measuring content. With the wide adoption of social media and maturity of email, sales, and marketing automation platforms, content is more important than ever before to digital staffing of all kinds.

The cost of creating engaging content is significant, and ensuring that content reaches the desired audience can further increase the required investment. This article outlines effective strategies for selling management on a larger content marketing budget.

1 - content marketing recruitment statistics

In a recent study by Content Marketing Institute, 46% of consumer brand marketers surveyed indicated their biggest challenge with content marketing programs is securing proper budget. Despite that fact, the average brand marketer invests 25% of its total marketing budget on content. Before we discover how to increase that number for your organization, let’s get a bit more background on the evolving content marketing industry.