Ready, Aim, Fire: Better Targeting B2B Customers with Direct Marketing

As B2B marketing recruiters, we’ve been especially interested in the role of direct response in B2B. There’s been a lot of innovation based around novel digital technologies in this space recently, and some firms are neglecting tried-and-true direct response tactics with provable results made possible by strategic direct response recruitment.

Today, both rising costs and better consumer analytics staffing options mean that targeting your campaigns is the way to go. By sending your marketing message to your ideal customers, you can get far better results than you can with a wider, less targeted list. According to experts, 40% of a direct mail campaign’s success depends on getting your marketing pieces into the right hands.

Here are a few ways to figure out the best possible targets for your direct mail campaigns:

1. Reevaluate Your Current Customers

Breakdown your present customers’ demographic information. You will probably find that your overall choices are more common among one sex compared to the other, specific age ranges, some jobs or certain income levels. No info on your current customers? Then it’s probably time to make some major marketing talent acquisitions to fill in your information gaps.

2. Leveraging Direct Mail and Direct Response Recruitment to Reengage

Every e-commerce program deals with a certain amount of abandoned carts. Occasionally send those who have produced accounts but never made purchases or who have abandoned the process partway through targeted direct-mail plans. Often, it can take several details before a customer is finally willing to utilize the plastic and produce a purchase. If she or he has forgotten about your model, a direct mail push could remind him/her and re-spark his/her interest.

3. Geo-targeting By ZIP Codes

Perhaps you have found that buyers at some income levels appear to acquire more of the items than others? Are you more popular with urban residents than individuals in the country or vice-versa? Where a person lives can inform you a lot about him/her. Some areas are far more population dense, more, and more or less affluent or less likely to possess a huge population of a particular generation. You are able to better make sure that your advertising resources go into the hands of those prospects probably to answer by buying ZIP codes that match well with your target demographic.