Four Ways to Boost the Success of Your Mobile Marketing Staffing in 2016

This is the perfect time of year to catch a breath, reflect on what you’ve learned in marketing this year, and plan for the months ahead. Mobile has revolutionized every aspect of digital marketing, and advertising is certainly not except. Here’s how your mobile marketing staffing can adjust its strategy for 2016 to wring more ROI from your digital advertising budget.

1. Direct Your Mobile Marketing Staffing to Track the Correct KPIs

As advertising recruiters, one of the most common problems we see organizations have with their digital advertising talent is that they don’t know how to properly measure their success. The last thing you want to do with your highly interactive, video-centric mobile campaigns is track results that don’t truly reflect the positive impact on brand metrics and sales lift. For example, it doesn’t make much sense to use clicks as a key performance indicator since clicks have been shown to have little to no correlation with conversions.

On smartphones, in particular, a significant percentage of clicks are accidental. Instead, more advanced metrics such as engagement rate, interaction rate and time spent are much more indicative of users actively paying attention to a brand’s message and ultimately being influenced by it.

After all, it’s deep user engagement that causes consumers to know, love and buy a brand.

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2. Pursue the Right Mobile Users

Strong results don’t matter if the wrong audience is responding. The best advertising solutions providers have robust behavioral data that can be targeted as well on mobile as on desktop.

Lookalike models can be built to target scalable audience segments most likely to be receptive to a brand’s message and respond favorably to it.

3. Use Advertising Recruiters to Find Experts That Makes Ads Mobile-Friendly

While they may be passably viewable on tablets, desktop ads don’t look good on small smartphone screens. Instead, use mobile-friendly ad formats such as the IAB Rising Star adhesion unit.

IAB’s Rising Star in Action

video from Interactive Advertising Bureau

Adhesion units look great on any mobile device because they take up about 10% of the screen and are anchored at the bottom in either portrait or landscape mode. They also produce strong results.

4. Keep Your Audience Coming Back for More

Once you’ve targeted the right audience with mobile-first ad formats and the audience is responding to your ad, you want to keep them engaged and spending as much time as possible with your brand’s message.

One great way to keep users engaged is to use video as the main act in the creative. Users increasingly watch video on mobile, with a trend for larger screens.

Showing multiple videos is even more effective. Combine video with interactivity – inviting users to explore a brand further via photo galleries, feature demonstrations, product showcases and maps with directions to the nearest store – and you have the perfect recipe for deep user engagement.