How an Elite Marketing Leader Can Make Your Workplace Digital

Awesome post on the challenges of digitally transforming an organization and workplace to function at its highest ability. We’ve talked in the past about how an interim marketing executive search can help organizations overcome this challenge, but even with that kind of extra leadership firepower it’s not easy. Firms must be on point with their CMO recruitment in order to have the right long-term guidance to develop a digital culture.

Obstacles a Digital Interim Marketing Executive Search Can Help You Fix

The author lists three main obstacles organization encounter with their digital transformation:

  1. Complexity
  2. Disconnectedness
  3. Inflexibility

The Underlying Causes, and What to Do about Them

So what is causing all of these problems?

The lack of alignment and coordination among the service providers introducing these digital workplace systems and tools is the root cause.

This, in turn, is the consequence of a lack of shared mission, vision, value proposition/offering and incentives among the service providers.

Gartner Special Report: Boosting Workforce Effectiveness with a Digital Workplace

video source: Gartner

Contributing to the problem is inside out thinking, a technology-centric attitude and the habit of IT departments to view risk minimization — including ensuring data security — as their overarching vision in the place of enabling value creation.

Value is established when talented marketers can use programs and methods so forth and to have their work done, collaborate to resolve problems, innovate. They need electronic instruments plus a digital office that encourages them to get this done within the most effective way.

Individual service providers must unite under a typical mission, vision and value proposition and join forces to reduce the complexity, disconnectedness and inflexibility that restrict value creation.