Is Your B2B Brand Suffering from a Bad Customer Experience?

Accenture’s new 2015 B2B Customer Experience report outlines the findings from the study in excess of a million B2B marketing staffing professionals in 10 countries.

Big News for B2B Marketing Recruiters and Professionals

The findings show just a handful (23%) of businesses are providing ‘efficient’ consumer engagement programs; most respondents (66%) imagine new businesses are doing a better job at consumer engagement than organizations who’ve been around for decades.

“B2B companies overwhelmingly recognize the importance of customer experience to their corporate strategy and bottom line, but the majority are wasting their investments on changes that are delivering mediocre results,” said senior managing director of Accenture Strategy Robert Wollan. “With consumer-like expectations and a substantial threat from new entrants, B2B companies must be ready to design and execute a transformed customer experience or not invest in such improvements at all.”

Some interesting conclusions from the report include:

• 45% say they’ll improve customer experience spending to better compete
• 32% of execs believe they are ‘ready’ for customer experience success
• typically, B2Bs with reliable customer experience exhibit 13% annual growth