5 Deadly SEO Mistakes Your Marketing Must Avoid

There are many things that could jeopardize your SEO efforts and when you’re not getting results it can be frustrating not knowing what is going wrong or how to fix it. Here’s a list of some of the most common and damaging sins committed by SEO staffing.

Treating SEO as an Afterthought

To save yourself time, energy and ultimately money, you should be thinking about SEO before you build your site. Your SEO staffing should be integrated into the development process extremely early. Including well researched keywords in your URLs, using HTML tags and an XML and HTML sitemap – all of these things, if considered from the outset, will lead to less hassle later.

Snails-Crawl Load Time

The speed at which your site loads is a major factor that affects your ranking position. People want lightning speed loads, regardless of their internet speed, device etc. and if they don’t get it they’ll simply hit the back button and move onto your competitors. Having said that, speeding up the time it takes your website to load is no easy task. If you’re struggling with this, it really is worth hiring a professional.

How Load Times Can Affect SEO

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Neglecting the Content Marketing Backup

Onsite optimization and link building are still essential elements of SEO but, in the last few years, content has become more and more important. Creating excellent content with great content marketing staffing  for your site that is entertaining or useful (or, even better, both) will go a long way to helping your site rank.

Weak Omnidevice Compatibility

With an estimated 25% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, it should be clear that having a site that is optimized by talented mobile marketing staffing for viewing on a variety of devices is essential. Much like with loading speeds, if your site doesn’t deliver on mobile devices, any potential customers will simply hit the back button and check out your competitors instead (who will most likely have a mobile-optimized website!).

No Social Support

Promoting both your site and your content via social media is an excellent way to drive traffic to your site and to gain shares and links to your content. You really are missing out if you’re not utilizing at least one social media platform with great social media staffing.