How to Use Marketing Staffing to Supplement Your Marketing Department

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Top 5 Reasons to Consider Marketing Staffing to Supplement Your Marketing Department

Do you need to increase your marketing department but don’t know what the future holds? Instead of making full time hires, you can solve your immediate needs with contract staffing. Contract employees can help bolster your marketing department without all the strings attached, and here are five good reasons to consider them.

1.  You save money.

We might as well discuss the bottom line first, because it’s probably at the top of your mind. When you make a full time marketing hire, you’re locked into paying that person’s salary for a certain period of time – typically long term. These are costs that your company is going to have to absorb, and it might not be worth it for short-term marketing projects. With contract staff members, you can get the help you need without committing to permanent overhead costs.

2.  You can take on short-term projects with a full marketing staff.

If you’ve been in business for any length of time you know there are periods of feast and famine. You’ve got to be able to handle the feast with a full staff. When you use marketing staffing in your marketing department, you don’t have to scrimp and make do with your current staff. You can take on the help you need and live up the challenges of short-term projects.

3.  You can get the specialized help that you need.

Do you need help launching an email marketing campaign? Do you need to do an audit of your current marketing collateral? One-time projects like these need a specialist, but that doesn’t mean they need to be on your staff for the long term. When you go with marketing staffing, you can get just the help that you need for the short term.

4.  You can be flexible to the needs of the market.

Great businesses take a look and trends and then adapt to the needs of the market. If you’re saddled with a huge marketing department you don’t really need, you’re not going to be able to do this as well. When you use contract employees instead of hiring full time, you can keep your marketing department agile. Stay lean and mean!

5.  You can take on new projects with more confidence.

A lot of companies resist taking on more than they can handle because of limited resources. But there could be great opportunities just around the corner for your company. When you use marketing staffing as a backup resource for your marketing department, you can send out proposals with confidence and know for sure that you can cover the work.

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