Marketing Recruiter Sees Finding the Perfect Fit Starts with Understanding Your Organizational Culture

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Every company has a personality and a culture. According to George Brandt, your company’s culture is its only true competitive advantage. Whether you are looking for contract, direct-hire, or contract-to-hire expertise, it is important that you find people who have more than just marketing skills: you need people who fit your culture. You cannot build the right team by reviewing resumes. There are nuances to the skill base that make a difference between a talented candidate being a good fit for you and being a costly mistake.

As America’s top-ranked Marketing Recruiter, we know that it’s necessary to learn as much about our clients as we do about the candidates. We work diligently to understand your company and your unique needs in part by understanding your company culture. Business mentality helps shape company culture, but it’s not the only factor. Consider the words you would use to describe another person. Their values, motivations and goals come to mind, because all of these things make up who they are. You wouldn’t pick one trait to define a colleague; similarly, we wouldn’t rely on just one aspect of a client to help us recruit for them. The challenge is that companies don’t always have a strong grasp of their own culture, so they use abstract terms that don’t tell us anything. If they’re growing quickly or flying blind, they may find it difficult to define themselves at all.

We ask our clients a series of questions designed to get a broad sense of how much they really understand about their own culture. Some of these questions include:

  • What is valued and rewarded in your culture?
  • What is it like to work in your culture?
  • What does it mean to be a good steward of your culture?
  • What kind of personalities succeed in your culture?
  • What kind of personalities struggle in your culture?

Your answers help us identify the kind of talent you want to find, and then we use this information to spot, recruit, and hire talented candidates, painting a clear picture for them about what it’s like to work for you. The value of having experienced marketers recruiting your talent is our depth of experience in this field. Staring at 100 resumes isn’t going to tell you the kinds of things that one marketer can recognize in another marketer. We work diligently to understand your culture, because assessing senior-level candidates who fit that culture requires more than just vetting resumes; it requires a certain gut instinct. Ultimately, knowing your company’s personality lets us send you the most qualified, experienced marketing professionals with the personality and professionalism that perfectly complement your existing team.

About MarketPro:

MarketPro is the leading interim marketing executive and marketing executive search firm in the USA. Whether your need is interim / contract or direct placement, we provide top companies with talent that exceeds expectations both functionally and culturally. Our recruiters know the best marketing talent, because they are experienced marketers. MarketPro places talent in all marketing related disciplines and does so in less time with a higher success ratio than anyone else in the industry.

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