Marketing ROI: Time to insource your agency?

marketing roi

Having an agency (ad, pr, digital, etc.) is great if they are truly presenting you with something unique.  If you are doing tremendous mass advertising and your agency has incredible creative then you are in the right place.  Unfortunately getting an ROI from your agency partner is becoming increasingly difficult and certain pieces of the relationship structure work against it.  The distance between you and your agency presents challenges with communication and speed of execution.  Truthfully only 20 percent of organizations using an agency really need one.  The remaining 80 percent of companies gain a competitive advantage utilizing top talent on a contract basis to insource your agency.

Top Reasons to Insource your Ad Agency:

  1. 35% – 40% Cost Savings:  Why pay your agency’s rent in addition to your company’s rent?  Looking at an agency’s overhead and markups, it’s easy to see how you can insource and push money to the bottom line. Or use this to your advantage to do more marketing and increase your top line.
  2. Higher Quality Marketing:  When you hire an agency, you are really hiring one or two people and paying for others you were unable to select, but have a real impact on the work.  As part of our insourcing model, you select exactly who you want for each role.  This provides greater depth and breadth of experience resulting in better work.  If you have someone who is no longer able to provide the level of work you require due to changing needs, you are able to immediately bring in someone new who can.
  3. Confidence:  The CMO who insources their marketing shows tremendous confidence in themselves.  What you are saying to the others on the Senior Management Team is you do not need to lean on your agency like a crutch.  You having confidence in yourself in turn is rewarded by the organizations increased confidence in you.  A natural byproduct of providing additional ROI.
  4. Flexibility:  All areas of business are going through massive change that is simply magnified in marketing.  Utilizing on-demand marketing talent provides you the flexibility to turn on a dime.  Giving you the freedom to bring in new resources as your marketing mix changes, your business grows or needs to cut costs or a new area of expertise is required.  It is significantly easier to change out one or two team members as your needs change than to switch agencies and get the new agency up to speed.  In the end you are buying an opportunity to get the work done and saying good-bye to a fixed monthly retainer.
  5. Knowledge:    Imagine a marketing department and agency relationship with zero knowledge gaps.  Completely possible when you insource the agency, retaining the right to bring in the knowledge you need for only the time it is required.  From top creative talent to digital strategy to execution, you can have all the talent you need inside your four walls without the commitment to them as employees.
  6. Velocity:  What a treat to walk down the hall and talk to your Creative Director.  Opening up communication and encouraging collaboration between what has traditionally been your agency and what is your internal staff decreases the time it takes to get great work done.  The inhouse agency will hit the mark the first time more often.
  7. Better Communication:  In addition to increased velocity, having the MarketPro team at your location increases their ability to interact with your team and gives them access to knowledge about your company that it is impossible for someone at another location to have.  This increases the quality of the work, speeds up execution all while saving you about 40%.

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