Marketing Recruitment Agencies and the Client’s Role in Creating Success

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MarketPro, the premiere marketing recruitment agency, specializes in finding the right talent, bridging the disconnect between employers and job seekers. Our in-depth industry experience allows us to spot qualified marketing professionals who have the skills, personality and professionalism to be the perfect fit.

But we’re only part of the equation. A recent project taught us just how significant of a role the client plays in creating success. Our project with Carat called for filling hundreds of positions worldwide within three months, and our success was not just because of our own expertise but because of the way Carat, who proved to be the perfect client, allowed us to perform our role. There is much to learn by taking a look at what this client did to ensure positive results.

We encourage our clients to be transparent about their needs, culture and expectations so that we’re able to recognize candidates who will meet the client’s needs. Carat kept the whole process running smoothly by deferring to our expertise and providing fast responses. They allowed us to do what we do best, which isn’t always easy for a company. Being completely open about their company’s culture and giving us access to their hiring managers was also vital. It takes experience to recognize talent beneath all the buzzwords on a resume.

The fact that a company has a major hiring project on their hands doesn’t necessarily mean they have the expertise or time needed to spot, recruit, and hire the talent they need in-house. Consider marketing recruitment agencies and work with the recruitment firm that is ingrained in the marketing field, has recruiters that have a marketing background and takes the time to get to your your organization’s culture.

Carat came to us because we are experienced marketers uniquely qualified to connect our clients with the marketing talent they need. MarketPro is staffed by people with first-hand experience in marketing; we know instinctively how to identify skills and experience and how to recognize these qualities in candidates. Carat deferred to our expertise to set up the recruitment process, allowing us to do our job and do it well.

While we brought expertise with us, it would have been meaningless without Carat being open and transparent with us about their business and culture. Their transparency allowed us to gather in-depth information about their hiring needs and the type of environment candidates would be working in.

Carat let us work directly with hiring managers, saving them time and money. They were very quick to respond to us with feedback about the candidates we selected, streamlining the whole process. Giving immediate feedback on what they liked allowed us to focus our recruiting radar like a laser with pinpoint accuracy.

In any recruitment process, these are the markers of a successful relationship between the firm and the client. It comes down to one question: how committed are you to getting the right people on board quickly? MarketPro’s approach is to become your professional recruiting partner. Marketpro is committed to client satisfaction and believes that the hallmark of long-lasting partnerships is the open, transparent, and trusting relationship we are able to develop with all of our clients.

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