Is Your Marketing Staffing Agency Considering Company Culture When Hiring a Large Team?

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Your marketing staffing agency should know that organizational culture is a tool that can play a huge role in the success of a company. Think about it: your company culture embodies everything you are about. It is what engages people in their work, fosters work relationships and shapes a strong, positive environment. Talented job seekers know this, too. At MarketPro, we use a client’s culture like a magnet to attract the best and brightest candidates. As culture influences many major business decisions, it’s only fitting that it helps to steer your growth.

MarketPro, marketing staffing agency, recently partnered with Carat and iProspect on a large hiring project in Detroit. The objective was to staff a team of 130 people in 90 days. We started out with a clear idea of the type of people to recruit, because the client knew the kind of culture they wanted to build. The hiring managers only had about an hour each day to interview candidates, so the people we sent him had to possess the qualities he needed. MarketPro recruited talented candidates, interviewing and vetting interested applicants to ensure that they met both functional as well as cultural requirements. We made sure the ones he sat down with were already at the second-round interview level.

The client we were hiring for saw their culture as an instrumental factor in moving the company forward. Understanding the characteristics that make up that type of culture allowed us to find the people they needed fast. Even though each office will naturally have its own culture, the company strives to maintain a cohesive global vision, and wanted to make sure such a large addition would not change the nature of the culture they had cultivated.  In Seth’s own words: “I really began to rely on the MarketPro team to not only ensure well-screened people, but from an HR perspective, they also understood media and marketing. They were able to figure out who would be a right fit for my team.”

We have to be cognizant about the types of people we put in front of a hiring manager. This means recruiting a mix of folks who have industry experience, but who are also forward-thinking in terms of digital knowledge.  It is essential to identify qualified candidates who relate to the company’s global culture and who also have  top marketing backgrounds. Ultimately, what you get is a really solid team that can learn from each other.

Organizational culture tells us a great deal about the kind of people you need on your team. It provides clues to talented job seekers that help them determine if yours is the kind of company they want to be a part of. It is more than the sum of values, attitude and experiences; it’s a valuable resource that ensures your company grows in the right direction.

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