How To Hire An Interim Chief Digital Officer

Now more than ever, companies need to know how to use digital means to promote their brand, products, or services. If your company is going through a transitional phase or you have an immediate need to ramp up your digital presence, you may wish to consider hiring an interim chief digital officer. Whether you are undergoing a leadership change or a critical project that requires specific expertise in digital strategy, finding an interim CDO for hire can provide stability and direction.

Why You Need An Interim CDO

To create and sustain a competitive advantage, it’s imperative that a company is dialed into using the latest digital technology. Let’s face it, digital technology has changed the way we do almost everything; the way we shop, how we work, and even what we do in our downtime. Most companies have had to make changes to the way they reach their target audience and to the channels their customers use to access their products and services.

The challenge in this is that digital technology keeps evolving and changing, and it is a full-time job trying to keep ahead of this curve and remain competitive. This is the primary function of a Chief Digital Marketing Officer, and winning companies are now utilizing digital to grow their businesses.

Why Would You Need To Find An Interim Chief Digital Officer For Hire?

Maybe your company was proactive and hired a CDO to help move your company from outdated analog processes to a more streamlined way of doing things. But now that is not working out the way you had hoped, has accepted another position, etc., regardless of the reason, this position is about to be unmanned.

Or perhaps you have never utilized a chief digital officer, but now if you want to stay in the game, you need to take your marketing and customer engagement to a new level. Your company does not have the budget to hire a full-time CDO, but there are some immediate issues that need digital solutions.

Finding an interim CDO for hire is an option that not only offers flexibility but also provides your company with the specialized expertise needed to meet the targeted goals and objectives.

What Do You Look For In An Interim Chief Digital Officer?

When an interim CDO joins your executive team, they need to rapidly acclimate to the company climate and current market position and immediately get to work. This individual needs to be able to advance your digital strategy and take digital thinking to an entirely new level. Some of the other key skills an interim chief marketing officer should have include:

  • Track record of successfully implementing digital solutions that lead to revenue and profitability growth;
  • Expertise and experience in creating and implementing strategic digital projects;
  • A comprehensive understanding of industry trends;
  • Strong leadership skills;
  • Excellent people skills with the ability to bring alignment and teamwork among internal and external teams;
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in all types of digital marketing tools and technologies;
  • Strong background in budget management.

What Is The Best Way To Find An Interim CDO For Hire?

Searching for qualified candidates to fit this very specific C-suite position is a huge challenge. Based on the demand for these individuals, they have no need to be looking, multiple opportunities are presented to them regularly.

It takes not only time but also extensive knowledge of marketing and the digital landscape to even recognize a truly qualified candidate. Your company may already be at a crossroads, and if you want to remain relevant, there is no time to waste. It is time to contact MarketPro!

Drawing from over two decades of personal experience in executive marketing, the MarketPro team has a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to effectively step into the role of interim CDO. Utilizing our extensive industry knowledge and combined marketing backgrounds during the interview process, we weed out all but the most qualified and minimize the time you need to invest in selecting the best candidate to fit your company culture. By the time you meet them, they have been through a thorough vetting process, and we have identified them as top-tier talent who have what it takes to excel as your interim CDO.

Your executive team already has their hands full doing what they do best. Let us do what we do best quickly and efficiently, locating elite talent, putting them through our extensive screening process, and introducing you to only the most qualified. You are probably familiar with the old saying “Time waits for no one”; well, the same applies to digital solutions, they are constantly changing. Without a knowledgeable CDO overseeing your digital strategy, you may fall behind and miss valuable ROI opportunities.

Get in touch with MarketPro today and let us help you find the best interim Chief Digital Officer for hire.