How Marketing Contractors Can Help Your Company During COVID-19

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With the Coronavirus hindering a lot of organizations’ ability to function normally, many companies are looking for ways to become more efficient. The pandemic has shined a light on the gaps within marketing strategy and execution. Gaps that would have been overlooked in normal times due to high revenue. Now is the most crucial time to ensure companies are communicating effectively with their customers. Companies that fail to communicate during a time of crisis are at risk of losing to their competition. Ultimately people want to work with brands they trust and you cannot establish trust while being silent. With over twenty years in the business, MarketPro understands all the ways your marketing needs have changed and how you can use marketing contractors to solve those challenges.

Essentially, all businesses have different goals and obstacles during this moment in time. However, understanding the benefits of adding a unique set of skills to any marketing department will generate a competitive advantage. Here are the reasons why smart companies are hiring marketing contractors:

Why Businesses Invest In Marketing Contractors

It comes as no surprise why companies quickly shut down when the economy takes a downturn. The uncertainty of when the market will recover has scared organizations for the past few months. As organizational leaders, it becomes the responsibility of top executives to determine the best strategy to put your company back on a growth trajectory as fast as possible.

Finding cost-effective ways to execute your marketing is always important. In the uncertain times around COVID, that is now critical. The good news is we have dropped some traditional barriers to top talents, like the location. Without the need to be in the office, you are no longer limited by recruiting locally.

CMO’s need to think about the talent they have on their team. Asking existing employees to work crazy hours will impact your ability to retain them over the long term. Introducing talent to your team to fill in gaps will improve the quality of your output and help keep your existing team motivated.


In most cases, companies are forced to refocus the brand and communicate differently then they have in the past. Marketing contractors offer a unique set of skills that will be able to transform the organization’s goals into reality in a short period of time.

From a practical perspective, it’s hard to lead a team that doesn’t have all the things it needs to be successful. While most marketing teams have the capability to branch into different parts of marketing, it doesn’t compete with someone who specializes in that area. When you add a marketing contractor who is highly proficient in their particular sector, they can start adding value to the operation quickly.

Whether the company needs improvement in communications, digital analytics, online paid media, or many other ways you can think of, adding a pair of marketing hands is the most beneficial way to get work executed. Marketing contractors give you a unique opportunity to find out which hire is right for your organization for an interim period of time or before a full-time commitment. Best of all, companies who have decided to hire marketing contractors have a larger pool of talent due to the fact that they can work remotely or in the office.


In today’s digital world, marketing is changing faster than ever. The expectations for immediate results have altered the way businesses perform, especially when the market is not doing well. The time businesses once had to search for top talent have changed. Companies are cutting their budget to hire full-time employees. Executives are now tasked with finding high-quality marketing talent with limited resources and time. Finding the best solution to provide an immediate ROI is now more important than ever.

The fastest way to bring on top talent on an as-needed basis is to reach out to a professional marketing staffing firm with a pool of pre-vetted talent. With a partner like MarketPro, we provide you with candidates that match both your needs and expectations. Our goal is to help companies fill in the gaps quickly and efficiently in as little as a few days.


One of the things we have learned from the COVID crisis is how time is of the essence within marketing. Having an in-house marketing contractor that works as an extension of your team reduces the chance of miscommunication or process slow-down you would have with an outside agency. They will be able to access resources and better understand the product or service in a deeper state. With the use of this knowledge, marketing contractors will be able to relate to the customers in a more meaningful way. The speed at which an in-house contractor can efficiently complete the task generates better results than going to an agency. The quicker an organization can engage with their customers, the more competitive the company will be.

Return on Investment

Marketing contractors provide a great resource when time and/or budget are limited. The marketing domain is complex and, to say the least, unpredictable. Admittedly, for marketing teams, digital is changing so fast that only the agile and the skilled can keep up. To be successful, it needs full-time commitment, which requires professionals who are trained experts in particular fields.

When getting mission-critical work executed, utilizing a remote marketing contractor is 30 – 45% less expensive than sending the same work to your agency. Here are a few of the areas and ways marketing contractors can improve your ROI:

  • Cost-efficient execution for short-term projects
  • Growth of your MarTech and AdTech Results
  • Content Strategy and Design
  • Mobile / Front-End Development
  • Top Creative / Design Resources on an Interim Basis
  • Media Strategy / Paid Media Campaign Management
  • Contract length depends on the company’s needs provides ultimate flexibility
  • Work hand-in-hand with your in-house employees

As a CMO or marketing chief, this essentially takes the pressure off of you. It enables you to concentrate on main goals including overall business strategies and driving growth.
Your marketing agency can be a valuable strategic partner, but utilizing marketing and digital talent on a contract / interim basis allows for faster more cost-effective execution. Which makes marketing contractors the best ROI you will find during good or bad times.


Marketing is hardly ever consistent. You need the right help to successfully handle the required changes. As a CMO or marketing leader, you will often find that these adjustments often do not call for long-term support. To achieve the targets you need flexible remote marketing talent to keep the team at the leading edge of marketing. Here is more information to help you better understand what your marketing department needs:

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