Should We Say Goodbye to the CMO Role in 2020?

Marketing Executive Search| what will the CMO role look like in 2020?


Recent media coverage in several leading industry publications questions if the CMO role is going away in the future.  As marketing executive search experts, we can firmly say that the CMO role is not disappearing. 

However, the perceived image and functions of the Chief Marketing Officer role are evolving and changing in response to the needs of the consumer. Several large brands like Johnson & Johnson, Uber, and Taco Bell recently decided to do away their Chief Marketing Officer positions and replaced them with new roles like “Chief Growth Officer,” “Chief Experience Officer,” “Chief Commercial Officer,” “Chief Brand Officer” and even “President of Brands.” The shift in the strategy is a direct reflection of how marketing is changing and will continue to change. But what does it mean for you and your organization?

In this video, Bob Van Rossum, President of MarketPro, explains how the shift in the org charts can affect organizations gearing up for a new marketing leader search in the near future. 

The Future of Chief Marketing Officers in 2020: What’s Changing and What’s Not?

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