How to Power Up Your Marketing Execution without the Risks of a Full Time Hire

The real success of marketing depends just as much on timely and professional execution as it does on a solid strategy and strong leadership. When it comes to hiring more junior marketers, whose responsibilities are focused on daily use and implementation of marketing technology or execution of marketing campaigns, many employers quickly realize the complexity of this task considering how specialized digital marketing disciplines are today. For example, SEO, PPC, content creation, analytics or email marketing (to name a few) require completely different skillsets and experience, and not everyone’s budget can accommodate full time employees with all these skillsets in place.

Because of it, our marketing recruiters often face a situation when employers’ requirements to more junior candidates are not quite realistic as far as their ability to wear too many hats on one team.

How Marketing Staffing Can Solve the Execution Puzzle

In this video, Bob Van Rossum, President of MarketPro, shares how to power up your marketing execution without the risks of multiple full time hires, and without outsourcing your projects to often expensive marketing agencies that do not quite understand your business model and products the same way an in-house team does. It’s not necessary to sacrifice quality of talent or double up your execution budget. Marketing contractors, whether temporary or contract-to hire employees, can help your business achieve its goals quickly and efficiently.

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