How Facebook’s New Resume Feature Could Change the Recruitment Process for Your Next Marketing Hire

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Facebook is in the midst of testing and rolling out a resume feature called “work histories” that puts it in even more direct competition with LinkedIn. Users who currently have access to the feature are able to list their professional experience, education, contact information, and other relevant details.

Matt Navarra revealed a few screenshots of the feature after receiving a tip from student Jane Manchun Wong:marketing recruitment firms


A key difference between Facebook’s current “work and education” section and the new feature is that the information from a user’s resume doesn’t directly post on their personal profile. Instead, users will have the option to display it when in search of a job to be available for recruiters.

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Facebook’s New “Work Histories” Will Change the Way Marketing Recruitment Firms Attract Top Talent

Facebook, being the largest social platform in the world, has the largest access to the marketing talent your organization may be looking for. Providing an easier way for job seekers and possible candidates to share their resumes may prove to be extremely valuable for organizations looking for their next marketing hire.

As large tech and social platforms integrate more recruitment and talent search capabilities, employers and marketing recruitment firms may be able to better streamline their work instead of juggling multiple platforms. Here are a few ways socially savvy recruiters can leverage Facebook’s new feature to attract top of the line marketers.

Broadens Reach to New Talent

Compared to LinkedIn, more people use Facebook more frequently. And it certainly has more access to a wider reach of people – Facebook has over 2 billion monthly active users while LinkedIn has a little over 100 million.

Facebook’s new resume service is aimed at reducing the gap between finding a job and applying for it easily, especially on mobile. Organizations have a better chance of scouting out top marketers with the new “work histories” feature. It gives employers and recruiters access to a greater pool of marketing talent that may not be leveraging LinkedIn to its fullest extent.

More Streamlined Communication with Candidates

Facebook's New "Work Histories" Will Change the Way Marketing Recruitment Works

Marketing recruitment firms can take advantage of the feature by not only reviewing resumes, but also reviewing users’ personal Facebook pages to get a better understanding of who they are. Finding people that are a good fit with the culture of a company is an extremely important factor in hiring the right person.

LinkedIn has transformed into a professional platform that is primarily used for people looking for jobs. Thus when they’re not actively looking, they use it less. As marketing recruiters who use social tools for searches, we have firsthand experience in dealing with delayed responses from people we reach out to. Depending on their active engagement with LinkedIn, it could take weeks to get a response back – pushing back the time of finding top of the line talent.

The new feature could significantly reduce the wait time between recruiters reaching out to possible candidates and getting a response.

More Direct Leads

Social networks have a higher and quicker rate of getting qualified candidates for open positions. Facebook knows a lot more about its users than LinkedIn. They have immense data on how users engage with content, companies, and their browsing histories. Thus, they can provide much more precise targeting for employers.

Marketing recruitment firms know how important it is to advertise jobs to the right people – you don’t want to spam people with open positions that have no relevance to them. With the new “work histories” resume feature and Facebook’s capabilities, it could place employers and socially savvy recruiters right where they need to be.

Increased Organic Communication

Many companies misuse LinkedIn and spam users’ inboxes with messages of selling a product or service. Thus, many people avoid checking their inboxes, reducing the response rate. The platform also hosts various hubs and communities where people with similar interests can join and share ideas. Where these groups were once used as a source to post jobs and target relevant people, they have now turned more into a space for people to oversell their products. Facebook’s new feature can open up the doors for marketing recruiters and employers to engage with prospects more organically.

Final Takeaways from the First Encounters with Facebook’s “Work Histories”

Facebook's New "Work Histories" Will Change the Way Marketing Recruitment Works

As Facebook and other major social networks implement more social recruitment tools, the reach and opportunities to engage with the right talent continuously expand. However, the new social capabilities do not replace the need for a sophisticated search strategy that experienced marketing recruiters bring to the table. There is no algorithm in existence to replace the human element of a tailored recruitment process that ultimately defines the success of your hiring efforts; and most likely, there will never be one. After all, your recruitment tools are only as good as the people using them.

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