Everything You Need to Know about SEO at Digital Summit and Beyond

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Despite the inevitable annual reports declaring “SEO is Dead!,” optimizing web content for visibility on the internet’s many search engines remains a mainstay of any modern digital marketing strategy.

With the constant pressure on businesses created by an increasingly competitive SEO space, it’s no wonder marketers make it the center of many a conference.

The value of organic visibility on relevant search engine results pages is simply high good to ignore. And smart, forward-looking marketers have been able to take advantage of innovative strategies that keep them atop the rankings.

Yes, the SEO of yesterday is long gone. But instead of fading away, it has endured through every new algorithm update, mobile device and emerging search channel. And it continues to evolve to this day.

Organizations that are able to change alongside it are faced with tremendous opportunities to get their message in front of consumers online. Those that don’t are at constant risk of falling off the front page and out of the view of their audience. Which are you?

With the constant pressure on businesses created by an increasingly competitive SEO space, it’s no wonder marketers make it the center of many a conference. Digital marketers flock to cutting-edge SEO experts to see what trends are coming soon and how to prepare for them.

Why Attend a Conference Like Digital Summit?

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If you’re one of the wise individuals heading to any of those conferences in the near future, including the imminent Digital Summit in Atlanta, it will pay off to do some homework beforehand. SEO has changed tremendously even in just the past few months, and you’ll need to be familiar with the basics of modern SEO if you want to be able to keep up with the field’s top leaders.

Here’s what you need to know about SEO in 2015 so you can make the most of your investment into those big digital marketing conferences. And for you’re a marketing professional or Atlanta marketing recruiter heading to Digital Summit, we’ve also researched which sessions you’ll want to check out to learn more about the various aspects of SEO.

If SEO is a priority for your organization (and it probably should be), take a look at the full schedule here and plan around the discussions that are most relevant for your business!

Keeping Up with the Googledashians

In a world with many search engine players, one sits on the king’s throne high above the rest. Google is by far the most important search engine, driving not only the most searches but also serving as a pioneer for search algorithm updates and web policy setting.

If you want to succeed in SEO and SEM, you’ll have to play Google’s game. And that means aligning your web properties with what the tech behemoth finds most desirable right now while getting ready for what’s coming next. Keeping up with how huge trends in mobile optimization and social interaction as well as changes in tools like Google Analytics will make or break many a SEO strategy.

Relevant Digital Summit Events:

Best Practices for Organic SEO – May 20th – 3:10-3:40

SEO Like It’s 2015: 10 Google Trends to Watch – May 20th – 3:50-:4:20

Level Up Google Analytics – Advanced Insights and Measurement Techniques May 20th – 8:30-9:00

Avoiding Critical SEO Mistakes

In order to reach sustained success in SEO, it often takes months of hard work on a cohesive strategy doing a lot of things right consistently to work your way up the rankings. But for all that, it only takes one big mistake to undo all your efforts.

As much as SEO is about creating great web content and presenting it in a way search bots and users alike can enjoy, it’s just as much about not shooting yourself in the foot with a critical error. Even veterans can slip up in this fast-paced world!

Relevant Digital Summit Event:

Optimizing Your Content – The 10 Most Common SEO Mistakes May 20th – 10:00-10:30

SEO Walking Dead: 7 Best Practices to Avoid Getting Bit by Bad SEO – May 20th – 2:25-2:55

The Growing Overlap of SEO and Social

Social is increasingly included in the SEO conversation, both in terms of web search engines like Google and the internal search capabilities of social networks like LinkedIn.

There is growing evidence to support that a brand’s social media activity has a significant impact on where its content shows up on the SERPs. The quantity of backlinks and followers, additional site traffic, and direct connection with search engines via networks like Google+ can all contribute how a web user encounters your brand through organic search.

Furthermore, brands are coming to understand the value of optimizing their profiles and posts to increase their exposure on networks’ news feeds and internal search engines, spawning an entire new branch of SEO that’s proven to be extremely effective. Expect smart organizations and social media recruiters to be on the look out for SEO experts who can bridge that gap and be a master of both worlds.

Relevant Digital Summit Events:

Roundtable: Trends in Search & Social – May 20 – 9:15-9:45

SEO Like It’s 2015: 10 Google Trends to Watch May 20 – 3:50-4:20

Even if the Atlanta area is a little too far for a conference and you won’t be joining the marketers at Digital Summit, it’s important to stay on top of the hottest SEO trends to avoid falling behind or missing a big opportunity. But if you are going, let us know so we can meet u. Leave the top Atlanta marketing recruiter a comment below or send us a message on social!

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