Manage Mission-Critical Marketing Projects Efficiently with Flexible Staffing

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When temporary marketing needs arise, piling them on your full-time staff is usually a poor solution. Smart use of marketing staffing talent delivers better quality, greater flexibility, and is a more cost-effective alternative.

In almost every business, there are consistent marketing needs that stay relatively constant throughout the year. They are steady, predictable, and easy to build a marketing team around.

But in today’s dynamic marketing world, not everything can be so dependable. Tremendous opportunities to promote your brand or take advantage of a market trend manifest and disappear quickly. In order to stay competitive, you must be able to adjust your strategy on a day-to-day (and increasingly, on an hour-to-hour) basis. Contract marketers give you the flexibility to tackle these short-term needs without straining your marketing budget.

Cost-Effective Marketing Agility

Your marketing needs come and go. Sudden, major marketing needs can crop up when you least expect them. More than ever it’s essential that you have the marketing capacity to respond to competitors’ actions, new media opportunities, changes in the marketplace and more.

But having a huge staff of auxiliary full-time marketers on hand at all times just because you might need them isn’t an option. It’s simply too expensive.

The solution is flexible marketing staffing. It’s the most efficient way to get access to additional marketing expertise and production on demand without the recurring costs of more salaried employees. Get the extra capacity when you need it—and then release those marketers to work on other projects when you don’t.

Special Talent for Special Projects

When an urgent project crops up, it often needs particular attention, capabilities and time that your current marketers simply might not have. Whether you’re launching a new campaign on an unfamiliar new media channel or need assets to market a product in a new industry, it’s often better to bring in talent with that experience and expertise than to produce a sub-optimal product with your current roster.

For instance, you wouldn’t want to hire a full-time broadcast marketing team if your strategy only calls for occasional TV advertisements every few years. But that kind of marketing requires very specific skills and knowledge—you couldn’t just pass it off to your creative or digital marketers and expect a quality result.

Flexible marketing solutions, like marketing staffing, give you short-term proficiency for projects outside your normal scope of marketing. You save on the investment of full-time staff, without having to sacrifice on the quality today’s competitive market demands. In fact, you’ll free up more budget to bring in even better talent to handle your most sensitive and mission-critical tasks.

Your Outsourcing Alternative

Traditionally, specialized marketing projects were outsourced to a third party company or agency. That’s still a viable option today, but now there are plenty of reasons to turn to an expert team of contractors instead:

  • Agencies and 3rd party services can be incredibly expensive; depending on your needs and situation, contract staffing might be much more affordable.
  • You have greater and more immediate control over the project when you’re directing your own marketing team. Agencies might not fully understand your vision for the project and take it in another direction.
  • Bringing experts in-house means you can learn from them as they work with you. You can observe their processes, ask questions, and spread some of their capabilities to your marketing department.

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Unleash Your Inner Mad Scientist Marketeer

Temporary marketing staffing opens the door to innovating marketing leaders who want to try new strategies and test novel marketing ideas. Instead of burdening your current marketing team with more work beyond their normal capabilities, you can use flexible staffing solutions specially chosen to execute your experiments.

Since you’ll be able to hand-pick talent specially to complete your project, you’ll improve the odds of its success. You can decide after a trial period to continue the project, and potentially take on some of your contract marketers full time to carry it on. Or if it’s not producing the results you expected, you can drop it and move on without the persisting salary and benefit obligations of salaried staff.

Let Your Staff Do What You Hired Them For

You hired your current employees for specific skillsets to accomplish certain marketing functions. Hopefully, they’re doing a pretty good job (if not, why are they still working for you?). So why would you assign them to projects that might be out of their range of expertise or distract them from doing what they do well?

If your current marketing efforts are already running fairly smoothly and effectively, don’t disrupt them by dropping a new project in your team’s lap. With flexible staffing solutions from marketing staffing agencies, you can efficiently complete new initiatives without rocking the boat in the rest of your marketing department.


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