6 Reasons to Go Exclusive with Marketing Staffing Agencies

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Marketing Staffing Agencies: Multiple vs. Exclusive

When you need the best and brightest talent working for you, you’re better off choosing to partner exclusively with one specialized firm than working with several marketing staffing agencies.

Conventional hiring wisdom is ineffective and even detrimental when looking to add new marketing talent to your company. When faced with a staffing need, the first impulse of many hiring managers is to make use of as many resources as possible to establish a deep candidate pool. This includes contacting multiple marketing staffing agencies about the job need.

You cast more nets, you catch more fish, and eventually one of them will be worth keeping. Makes sense, right?

In reality, this strategy isn’t effective for getting the top talent in any industry. It’s a fine way to get minnows, but won’t hook you the sharks at the top of the food chain. Too many nets will only serve to scare away the best fish.

As appealing as it may be to have several marketing or digital staffing agencies compete to bring you the best talent, the reality is you’re better off teaming up exclusively with a single seasoned fisherman.

Hesitant to go exclusive with your marketing hiring? There are lots of reasons you should reconsider.

  1. Higher quality talent. A focused marketing staffing agency knows the industry inside and out, offering you a better perspective. We know what makes an exceptional marketer or a talented digital native. We can communicate in terms they understand and know how to recruit them. Great marketing staffing agencies stay in constant contact with exceptional individuals and keep them ready in a “talent pipeline,” available for your needs. We build up relationships with them, understand their capabilities on a deeper level and know when they would make a great choice for you.
  2. Better fitting hires. When you enlist multiple staffing agencies to assist you, they all know they’re on the clock to find a passable fit and get your business before someone else does. In an effort to be the first across the finish line, you’ll get presented unvetted candidates that may or may not be able to complete the necessary tasks or mesh well with your organization. Exclusivity allows marketing staffing agencies to devote more resources to quickly and efficiently responding with the best options. We won’t take shortcuts or settle for a subpar choice just to be the first to deliver you a candidate. This ensures you get quality talent that fits your skill needs and company culture.
  3. Complete commitment. When we aren’t immediately competing against several other recruiters, marketing staffing know that all the resources invested into the hire search will pay off. Your exclusive staffing partner will feel comfortable committing fully without fear of going on a wild goose chase. They’ll work until the job is done and focus all their efforts on you.
  4. A single point of contact. Juggling several marketing staffing agencies is a pain in the best of circumstances. If you’re the kind of person who already has an inbox full of “URGENT!”-labeled emails and a schedule bloated with meetings and phone calls, the last thing you need is a dozen staffing firm employees hammering you with questions, updates, and a mountain of marginally qualified candidates. When you partner with a single firm, the noise is reduced to a single calm knowledgeable voice available at your convenience.
  5. Protecting your employment brand. The best marketing talent is in high demand, and they know they can afford to be a little picky. You want to make as good of an impression on them as they do to you. It’s awkward and unprofessional when several competing agencies contact the same candidate about a position (not to mention the headache involved with deciding who gets payment if you choose that candidate). They may get the perception that you’re not being selective with whom you hire or wonder why it’s such a hard seat to fill that you need multiple marketing staffing agencies helping you. On the other hand, being personally contacted by a prestigious and specialized marketing staffing agency is reassuring and even flattering. Who would you rather be approached by?
  6. Save time and money. An exclusive relationship might require a slightly larger upfront investment of time, but you’ll quickly get a return on it. You won’t spend time sifting through a pile of unqualified candidates and even better, you will eliminate interviewing them.  And the risk of hiring the wrong candidate is now tiny, so you’re much less likely to have to rehire again in the near future.

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