Can Creative Recruiting Special Forces Save Your Marketing?

Creative recruiting special forces

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Sometimes it’s fine to let the infantry handle a challenge. But when a mission needs particular talent, extraordinary speed and unconventional methods, you know it’s time to call in the special forces.

The same goes for hiring and recruiting. There are some instances where you don’t need a lot of finesse and expertise to get a suitable hire. Not every social media intern or receptionist has to be rigorously vetted and carefully handpicked by a discerning agency. A standard, well-rounded recruiting firm may be a good choice for filling many basic positions.

But sometimes there’s more at stake with your creative recruiting. Your marketing needs great leaders—not good ones—in order to stay ahead of the competition and ensure your company’s growth. It needs stellar talent and creative minds to propel your brand forward and craft compelling messages for modern audiences.

You can’t get people like this just anywhere. Carpet bombing career sites with job descriptions and invading massive databases of resumes aren’t effective in finding them. You need creative recruiting special forces (like us!) to identify your targets and retrieve them.

The Advantages of Specialized Creative Recruiting

Special forces can go places and do things that a larger regiment can’t. What they lack in sheer resources they make up for in advanced expertise. Small, powerful teams possess specific characteristics that make them more flexible and able to respond to you:

  • Focused expertise. Large generic recruiting firms lack the expertise and on-the-ground perspective that a small team of experts closely involved in the marketing industry brings. Because we are marketers ourselves, we bring an intimate understanding of the industry to all situations we encounter. This focused viewpoint allows us to fully understand your needs and objectives in a way that others can’t. It allows us to identify and communicate with exceptional candidates and persuade them to join your team.
  • Extraction abilities. Sometimes you have to go behind enemy lines to retrieve an objective. In creative recruiting, the best talent available is often already employed by another company. It can be difficult to get their attention. How can you get them working for you? A small extraction team with talent acquisition expertise knows how to contact people like this and entice them to switch sides.
  • Discretion. There are plenty of reasons you’d prefer to be discrete in your hiring endeavors. Maybe you don’t care to broadcast to the world that you need a new executive. Maybe you’re trying to covertly lure a competitor’s employee away. Regardless, a small dedicated team that knows how to keep secrets and be confidential about its work will guard your information and needs better than a large firm. We raise fewer eyebrows and attract less attention than the guys with the big guns.
  • Nimbleness. No matter how powerful, a large force can be cumbersome and difficult to mobilize quickly. On the other hand, a small team of creative recruiting commandos is agile and reactive. Special forces don’t have to wait idle through bureaucratic foot dragging and aren’t held back by slower parts of the supply chain. We’re able to respond quickly to your needs, act quickly when an opportunity presents itself, and fluidly shift strategy and priority.
  • A remarkable network. Not just anyone makes it into the high esteem of a special forces team. It’s not easy to impress us. We have high standards and encounter lots of important and extraordinary individuals. You know the only people that make it on our radar are those who impress us with exceptional skills and unique personalities. These are the kinds of people you want working for you.

Special Forces, at Your Service

How would you like to have the Navy Seals, Army Rangers, and James Bond on speed dial and at your service at all times? We can offer the next best thing.

Well, sort of.

Creative recruiting special forces always take your call.

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MarketPro is full of relentless hunters and thoroughly skilled experts familiar with all aspects of marketing and recruiting alike. While we can’t kidnap anyone or diffuse a hostage scenario, we can act with extreme precision and quickness to help you get the creative marketing talent you need.

When a regular creative recruiting firm just can’t deliver the service or quality of talent your company requires to grow, it’s time to call in the pros. Turn to an agency with the industry experience and recruiting ability to accomplish hires that need an expert touch.

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