Digital Marketing Recruitment: Do You Have Top Talent?


What’s going on with digital marketing? The keyword is talent gap. Research from OMI showed that 71% of large companies believe that their digital team isn’t strong in all areas of digital marketing.

As a result, companies are either increasing training or improving skills with existing employees, or they are turning to the HR department to hire experienced digital marketing professionals.

But a lot of businesses are failing when it comes to digital marketing recruiting for several reasons. Recruiting for this division can be difficult due to quickly changing technologies. There’s a substantial difference between the digital marketing skills that employees possess, and the ones that they need. There’s also a knowledge gap in the HR department – recruiters aren’t always well versed in what makes a digital marketer talented.

There’s also a seller’s market environment to contend with. There’s such a big need for digital marketing skills that the recruitment pool may have less than ideal candidates. Without the right digital marketing recruitment practices, you could end up hiring a “professional” that sounds good on paper but can’t product measurable business outcome.

Succeeding with digital marketing recruitment is a matter of knowing exactly what you need and how to know what it is when you see it. And that’s where a digital marketing recruitment firm can help. They stay on top of changes in the digital marketing world so they know how to spot talent. They can help ensure that your digital marketing hire can help you bridge the talent gap.

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