Has Your Marketing Recruiter Actually Held a Marketing Gig?

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General purpose recruiting agencies can help you find human resources specialists, sales people and office administrative staff. But when it comes to your marketing department, can you really afford to leave hiring to a generalist?

When it comes to marketing, only recruiters with experience in the field can find the marketing talent that can make a difference in your company.

Here are three reasons why marketers need to recruit marketers – and why you should never rely on general purpose recruiters to help hire top talent.   

  1. Marketing recruiters understand the latest trends in marketing.
    Marketing is a fast-paced, creative industry. What makes a great candidate for a marketing position changes quickly. While general purpose recruiting agencies may know what makes a good hire, in general, they can’t possibly keep up with the latest trends in marketing – including new channels and technologies.
  2. Marketing recruiters understand what makes a great marketer.
    Although the marketing industry does change rapidly, the key qualities and talents that make a great marketer are fairly consistent. General purpose recruiters don’t have the insight into marketing talent. They don’t understand the experience, creativity and vision that make great marketing hires. Marketing recruiters have spent time “in the trenches” so they understand what makes a great marketer. They have the insight and experience needed to spot the best of the best. It’s a win-win.
  3. Marketing recruiters have access to hidden talent.
    Recruiters with real world experience in marketing have access to talent that general purpose recruiters simply can’t reach. General purpose recruiters often spend time sourcing on LinkedIn and other job boards, but recruiters with experience in the marketing field can find talent that may not be actively looking at that moment – but would be a great fit for your organization.

At the end of the day, general purpose recruiters simply can’t offer the insight or talent that experienced marketing recruiters can. When building your team you need someone on your side that can help you make the best choice for continued business growth.

Learn more about how marketing recruiters can help your organization today.

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