CMO Executive Search Tips: How Will Things Change in 2014?


If your organization will be going through a CMO executive search in the next year, it’s essential to understand the challenges and changes that are coming to this key position. Chief marketing officers, and marketers in general, will continue to embrace technology and reshape the way that marketing is done.

IDC recently released its top 2014 predictions for CMOs – and change is on the horizon. By 2020, they predict that the core of marketing execution will be changed so significantly that the CMO role will look incredibly different than it does today.

Thanks to technology, the buying and decision making processes that consumers go through are incredibly different than they used to be. Due to these changes, CMOs need to change their marketing practices. It’s not about being more productive, it’s about being able to go beyond traditional practices to find something that fits today’s audiences. And this may require CMOs to do more collaborative work – particularly with CIOs.

Technology and marketing are so closely linked now, that it’s essential that these two positions and departments work together. IDC predicted that fragmented marketing IT point products and low adoption rates will inhibit customer acquisition.

With the right CMO leadership, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now is the time for CMOs to embrace the change and start thinking outside of the box. If your organization needs new leadership, working with a CMO headhunter can help you find the right combination of creativity and technical skills to take you through 2014 and beyond.

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