Are Niche Recruiters the Best Solution for Your Hiring Needs?


While general purpose recruiters can fill a variety of different positions for your organization, are you sure you’re getting the very best fit? According to The Fordyce Letter, niche recruiters are doing a much more effective job at finding the right candidates for companies.

Bringing in a third party recruiter can help your organization save time and get better results – but make sure they specialize in your industry and your needs. The survey of candidate submissions conducted by Scout showed that 91% of all jobs filled by third party recruiters over a 12 month period were filled by specialty firms.

Sourcing, screening and placing candidates are a challenge. These are challenges we thrive on here at Market Pro – but we’re very specific in whom we hire for and what types of candidates we consider. We are looking for marketing professional. We understand that world best, so it’s the type of recruiting that we focus on.

Without focusing on a specialty, it becomes much harder for us to do our jobs effectively. Hiring for a new industry would mean having to do the research, make the connections and understand the unique needs of that particular discipline. In short, it would be like starting from square one all over again.

So many companies select niche recruiters for one very important reason: they know how to find the right candidates. If you aren’t looking to a specialty recruiter, you could be missing out on that important candidate that would be the best fit for your company.

Don’t waste time – focus on working with a niche recruiter.

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