Why You Need an In-House Digital Marketing Team

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In-house or outsource?

No matter which industry you’re in or the size of your marketing needs, this is a question that every company must face when it comes to digital marketing. It’s a hotly debated issue with opponents on both sides of the fence vouching for their point of view.

I firmly believe that at an enterprise level in-house digital marketing provides the best cost control as well as creative productivity. Here are three reasons why:

The focus is on your organization – Outsourced digital marketing teams are juggling several clients. If your enterprise level digital marketing needs require complete focus, an in-house team might be a better fit because they can devote their working time entirely to your projects.

The path of communication is shorter – Working side-by-side with other departments in your organization allows your in-house digital marketing team to get the information that they need. You can ensure that there is consistency with all of the messaging you’re sending out, and coordinate the marketing efforts with other departments more easily.

The department can specializeDigital marketing encompasses a variety of different methods and specialties, some of which won’t be a good fit for your particular company. When you hire in-house, the marketing department can specialize in the digital marketing strategies that work best for your goals. If they need assistance with new tools, technology or methods they can bring in contract marketing team members or seek solutions from outsourced providers on a temporary basis.

In-house digital marketing teams don’t happen automatically. Working with a marketing recruiter who understands marketing and your organization’s needs can help you create a great team.

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