Staffing for Digital Marketing: The Many Benefits of Interim Talent

help Staffing for Digital Marketing

Have too much to do and not enough people to do it? While in theory this situation is welcome for any business, the realities are not as pleasant. Landing a big new contract or opening a division may be great for future expansion, but in the meantime you’re faced with a big problem: getting talented people on staff.
Contract staffing can help. Rather than hire a new department permanently or expanding too quickly, working with a marketing recruiter to find staff for a specific length of time can help you manage the change in your business. Here are five benefits to staffing for digital marketing with contract workers.

  1. You get to “try before you buy.”
    Marketing departments thrive on collaboration, communication and talent. When you have a new project or new department to fill, you want to make sure that your team members are a good fit with one another and your company culture. With contract staffing, you can test out individual marketing professionals and then choose to take them on permanently if they turn out to be just what you needed.
  2. You save money in the long run.
    You read that right! You can actual save money in hiring by working with contract marketing staff first instead of permanent hires. If you make a hiring decision and that individual doesn’t work out within the next six months, you’re faced with going through the time and costs associated with hiring all over again. By going with a contract team member first, you can let them go at the end of their contract and find someone who is a better fit.
  3. You get the help for the length of time that you need it.
    You’ve got a new marketing campaign that will require more staff. You don’t need that staff permanently, but you do need them to get through the next six months without pulling your hair out. Contract staffing to the rescue! With contract workers you get the help that you need, when you need it, without increasing your company’s costs permanently.
  4. You benefit from experienced help.
    When you work with a marketing recruiter to find contract staff for your digital marketing department, you don’t have to find, screen and hire candidates on their own. Using their proven system for recruiting (and wide pool of potential candidates), you can skip the “heavy lifting” and find just what you need.
  5. You can get specialized talent.
    Contract marketing staff can be pulled in to meet the unique needs of your digital marketing campaigns. Need a website overhaul? Hire a team of web marketing professionals on a contract basis to manage the project. Want to launch a social media marketing plan? Contract staffers that specialize in social are the perfect fit.

When you’re staffing for digital marketing, contract staffing can help meet your needs.


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