True Stories of Marketing Recruiters: How We Use Social Media

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Social media has turned human resources departments on edge and upside down. It made it easier for recruiters to reach out and build connections, as well as publicize job openings.

According to Business Insider:

  • 48% of recruiters use LinkedIn only
  • 19% of recruiters use LinkedIn and Twitter
  • 10% of recruiters use Facebook and LinkedIn
  • 21% of recruiters use all of the “Big 3” networks

Recruiters in their survey had an average of 616 connections – with over 28% of recruiters having 1000+ LinkedIn connections.

Our marketing recruiters use LinkedIn and other social media sites as a tool for recruiting, but they approach things a bit differently. While we’ve found that social media makes it simpler to connect with a larger quantity of candidates, that doesn’t necessarily translate into quality.

Instead of focusing on making large amount of connections with potential candidates, and presenting all the opportunities we’re recruiting for, we narrowly focus on finding the best candidates.

With social media, our approach is to post targeted job offerings to the right people. We use technology to help segment our pool of potential candidates into groups based on experience. This way our job postings are targeted toward the right candidates for your open position and not just the people we happen to be connected with on social media.

Learn more about MarketPro’s unique approach – and connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook and Google Plus.

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