Takes One to Know One – Trained Marketers Make the Best Marketing Executive Search Professionals


As you look for a marketing executive search professional to fill your need for a marketing leader, pay close attention to specialty and experience. When you need help with marketing talent acquisition, there’s no better fit than a marketing executive search firm.

Here are three reasons why to seek out marketing specific executive search professionals when you are filling a marketing executive role.

  1. They understand the demands of the position that you’re filling.
    Marketing is a bit of a unique field when it comes to business. Great marketers are equally as creative as they are technically adept. When you combine that with the leadership skills needed for executive marketing positions, your recruiter is charged with finding a unique, experienced candidate to fill your position. A recruiter that specializes in the marketing industry and who in their past has been a marketer will understand the challenges of the position and be able to find a better fit.
  2. They are able to understand the marketing industry as a whole.
    Marketing specific recruiters help find the right fits for both agencies and in house marketing departments. With this well rounded view of the marketing industry, they’re better able to determine whether a candidate would be a good fit for your needs or better in a different sector of the marketing industry at large.
  3. They are able to pull in passive candidates for hiring.
    Sometimes the best candidates aren’t actively look for jobs. They are working at marketing executive positions in other firms or companies, and would leave for the right opportunity. Marketing specific recruiters have the connections and contacts that can get you access to these passive candidates and know how to speak with them in their language.

When you need marketing help – look to a recruiter with marketing specific experience to find the best fit.

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