Why Should You Use a Marketing Recruiter to Fill Marketing Positions?

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A staffing agency is a staffing agency – right? For many positions, like administrative or sales departments, going with a basic recruiting firm is a smart move. You’ll get a wide array of candidates to choose from and can fill these positions quickly.

But what about the marketing department? Should you use the same staffing agency in these essential positions that you would to fill the sales floor? Maybe not. To find the best and the brightest marketing talent, you need someone who knows what to look for.
Here are three reasons why marketing-specific recruiting agencies are your best bet to fill marketing positions.

Experienced Marketing Recruiter Help.

When you work with a marketing recruiter, you’re working with strategic recruiting professionals who have worked in or recruited exclusively for the practice they serve. Their hands-on experience gives them an edge at matching candidates to clients. They have experience finding and placing CEOs, CMOs, marketing and HR leaders in a variety of different industries. Whether you need a top notch digital marketing team to expand your social media and SEO programs or a interim leader to help you transition from local to regional awareness, an experienced marketing recruiter will know who you need and how to find them.

Access to “Hidden” Talent.

Experienced marketing recruiting agencies often come with “passive talent” in their back pockets. These passive candidates aren’t actively looking for a position – and they might even be happy where they are. But they are still available if the right opportunity comes along. They aren’t the candidates that will respond to an ad, but they will listen if a marketing recruiting agency makes a call. A marketing-specific agency may be able to put you in touch with these great candidates that only they know about.

Efficiency in Filling Positions.

Experienced marketing recruiters know what they are looking for in this fast-paced industry. Industry experience can give marketing-specific recruiters an edge when it comes to filling positions quickly. They know the ins and outs of the marketing world, so they know what you are looking for. This makes for a much easier, and faster, recruiting process – which is good for everyone involved.

Marketing recruiters can bring experience, access to hidden talent and efficiency. A staffing agency isn’t always a staffing agency. Getting the right kind of help can make a difference in your recruitment process.

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