26% of Marketers Say Hiring Talent is a Problem – Marketing Executive Search Firms Can Help

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Hiring Marketing Talent: 26% of Marketers Say It’s a Problem… A Marketing Executive Search Firm Can Help

With each new marketing channel and tool, marketing analytics becomes a bit more layered and complicated. Understanding analytics and how to apply them to your future marketing campaigns is essential to your company’s growth. But it turns out that not all companies are able to find the help that they need. Marketing executive search firms can help to identify this unique marketing skill-set.

Marketing Sherpa’s 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report asked marketers a series of questions including: What were your organization’s most frustrating challenges with marketing analytics in 2012?

Of all of the options 26 percent of those surveyed said that hiring data-savvy marketing talent was the most frustrating. And we understand that pain! Marketing requires a special set of skills. There are the technical skills that go into understanding and using analytics tool, and there is also the creative side. Getting the right combination of those skills in the same person – for the right price – can be difficult.

If you agree with the marketers in Marketing Sherpa’s survey, there’s something you can do about it. Working with a marketing executive search firm, rather than going it alone, can help you easily find the contract, direct-hire or contract-to-hire expertise that you need at your company.

A marketing executive search firm can help you screen through candidates quickly to find out if they have the important data and analytics skills that you need. They can even find a contract-to-hire marketers so you can “test drive” their skills.

Don’t let this be your problem too! Use a marketing recruiter for hiring marketing talent and get what you need.

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