3 Reasons You Need Marketing Recruiters

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As the President of MarketPro, the top Marketing Recruiters in America, I have the opportunity to meet a lot of people each day and introduce them to what we do and what makes us unique. MarketPro isn’t just any recruiting company we specialize in top-tier marketers and only work with the best and brightest in marketing. If you’re hiring an executive search firm here are 3 reasons why you need marketing recruiters:

Experience:  Been There, Done That

When you’re seeking an accomplished marketing executive, you need someone who can work across all specialties, someone more than just an HR person matching skill sets to what they see on a resume. I’ve had CEOs, CMOs, Marketing, and HR Leaders come to us with a variety of needs. Whether they need a marketing executive experienced in public relations, a pro with lead generation, top talent that can hit the ground running with a new marketing campaign, or a web marketer focused on SEO, only a marketing-specific recruiter will understand the challenges and skill sets required for each of the more than 70 marketing disciplines.

Access to Top Talent: The Secret Insider

All of the Marketing Recruiters MarketPro have a marketing background, and there’s a big reason we only hire talented marketing execs to be a part of our team: marketing-specific recruiters are skilled in bringing in the most sought-after talents: the passive candidate. Passive candidates are typically already happily working and may not even be looking for a new position, but that doesn’t stop us. Because marketing is a rapidly-changing profession, actively working execs have their fingers on the pulse of the industry. Using a marketing-specific recruiter provides us with access to the best marketing talent, so that we can put together a team of brighter, better-suited marketing professionals with elevated credentials for you.

Efficiency: Fast Placement is Key

Marketing is one of those disciplines where other recruiters may say they understand it, but they don’t come from it, so they really can’t spot the perfect match when they see it. I call it a gut instinct – an “it takes one to know one” special sauce that can’t be found outside the industry. Our marketing recruiters are able to fill positions more rapidly because they understand how to utilize their experience and skills to recognize a good fit for each candidate placed. Ultimately, a marketing-specific recruiter saves time and money through an in-depth understanding of the industry.

If you are interested in finding out more about MarketPro, the premiere marketing recruitment firm, please contact me at [email protected].

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