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Del Monte Chief Marketing Officer – Spend During Downturn — or Else

I have not met Bill Pearce, but I can tell I really like this guy.  More importantly, Del Monte is fortunate to have his thinking in the chief marketing officer chair.   His recent article in Ad Age, should be a hit with all CMO’s.  Not only does he talk about the value of marketing, he also talks about the important relationships with your CEO and CFO.  Managing these relationships and the expectations that come from them are critical to a CMO’s success.

Far too many companies have cut bone in their marketing department, which has brought marketing activity to a grinding halt.  This has a double whammy effect as they will need to rebuild before they can recover.   Fortunately Bill is not alone and the best CMO’s are finding ways to provide value for the money entrusted to them and are therefore being allowed to move boldly ahead.

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