Top Marketing Talent Disappearing Fast

talent disappears fast

Interesting times we are living in, looks like many people are being lulled into a false sense of insecurity.  A belief they can wait until the market turns before they need to take action.  The market is creating a situation where good business people are pretending they do not know how to run their business because they are unable to grasp what to do next.  While others are seeing it clearly and using this as an opportunity to hire the best marketing talent and they are doing so with alarming speed.   We lost a top executive level marketing candidate today as our client has been slow to make a commitment, the second such top candidate we have lost on this search alone.

But this search is not unique, our clients who are succeeding are the ones moving fast and our clients who are acting like a deer in the headlights, well they are slowing down their search as I will only let them hire an “A” player.  The myth is that there are a lot of talented people in the marketplace.  Reality is there are very talented people looking for a job, but the other reality is companies by and large did not cut their top people, they cut the bottom ten percent.  So you have a dynamic where the marketplace has lots of unemployed people and around 10% – 15% are worth hiring.  For the placements we have made in the last six months, over 82% of candidates hired had a job at the time we found them a new one.  In my decade as a recruiter, I have never seen a better time to add talented marketers to your team and never has it been harder to separate “A” level talent from everybody else.  Our business is growing as companies are realizing the need for an experienced marketing professional to recruit and screen marketing talent, as those looking for a job have become talented at interviewing. 

The most important aspect of what is going on in the market is the work and results being driven by these new marketers.  Our clients have seen themselves leapfrogging their competition with regards to brand awareness and revenue.     

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