Successful Marketing Executive Onboarding

successful onboarding

It would seem that as professionals become more advanced in their careers, making transitions should get easier. In reality, the higher someone goes in an organization, the more challenging career transitions become. The expression, “It’s lonely at the top” is resoundingly true. There are fewer people at top levels of an organization who can serve as mentors, and who are capable of or have time to answer the questions of their aspiring peers. Also, candidates looking for change are established and set in their ways, and while they have plenty of experience to make judgments, that experience may or may not be a fit for another company’s culture and expectations.

As an employer, you have an entirely different perspective. You expect senior marketing executives to hit the ground running based on the investment you are making in them – as you should, but the more senior a candidate will be in your organization, the more important and challenging onboarding a new hire becomes.

So the stakes and challenges are high – but different – for both you and your potential new employee. This white paper explains how through a solid onboarding approach, both sets of challenges can be conquered. It explains how they must be overcome to maintain organizational stability in today’s global business environment.

Onboarding is a shared responsibility between your company and the newly hired marketing executive.

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