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Partner with MarkePro, the top Sacramento marketing executive search firm, where we use our unique perspective as marketers to bring in innovative marketing executives to your organization, leading it to new heights of success in California and beyond.

An Unmatched Sacramento Marketing Executive Search Experience

Seeking Out the Best Talent, No Matter What: The best Sacramento marketing executive candidates are typically already employed (often by a competitor), and extremely busy. That means they’re not going to be naturally coming across your job opportunities. MarketPro’s tireless Sacramento marketing executive recruiters find and engage these “passive” A-player candidates just for your. We find the best of the best.

Superior Talent That Fits the Culture of Your Company: In a competitive and continually evolving Sacramento business world, it’s invaluable to have insight on the best marketing executive talent available that can fit your company’s specific needs. Our team of marketers turned recruiters at MarketPro, recognize what makes the most professionally qualified senior marketing leadership roles vital to a company’s success. The perspective we offer to our clients in the Sacramento area inspires our superior long-term retention rate of 98%, so you can move forward with the confidence that you’ve made the right hire.

Keeping Up with the Speed of Marketing: Working with the top Sacramento marketing executive search firm, MarketPro, means you’ll get your new marketing leader quickly enough to effectively tackle your hectic business environment. Our Sacramento marketing executive search time-to-fill sits under 50% of industry benchmarks; so you can keep up with the competition without sacrificing quality.

MarketPro’s Sacramento Marketing Executive Talent Search

MarketPro’s Sacramento marketing executive recruiters examine the most talented candidates in the field with exclusive insight due to our expertise as marketers ourselves.

We value the leadership it takes to be successful in marketing businesses of all types, in all industries. After decades of acquiring and honing our marketing skills in an array of marketing fields, no one has been able to match our hands-on understanding of the marketing world. Our unmatched professional experience in marketing opens doors to the rare individuals with the talents needed for clients. We then vet them on the qualities for culture fit, leadership, and skill set for each unique company.

Sacramento marketing executives appreciate our awareness of the skills and work ethic needed to become a high-performing marketing executive, which allows us to effectively engage with the most accomplished talent in California. We then bring them right to you. We successfully encourage interest in those that are not currently looking for career opportunities themselves. Recruiting the absolute best marketing executive talent in the market for you is MarketPro’s mission.

A Payment Model and Partnership That Benefits YOU

As a retained Sacramento marketing executive search firm, we have pioneered a mutually beneficial agreement that enables us to maximize solutions to your marketing leadership needs; ensuring your company’s long-term success.

Traditional marketing executive search payment systems fail to create a favorable relationship that leads to hiring the best marketing leaders. So we took the initiative in creating a performance-based model, which allows everyone involved to fully commit to the search with great results.

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Scouting Out the Top Marketing Executives in Sacramento


The capital of California was recently named by TIME magazine as “America’s Most Diverse City,” is also the head of the Central Valley. It balances out the scale of agriculture to its south diversifying the economy of the valley.  Education and health are some of the biggest employers outside of agriculture in the Valley area, and the technology sector is growing quickly as the boundaries of Silicon Valley stretch outwards.

Its economy is centered on publishing, health, agriculture with big name Blue Diamond, construction and so forth. It also is largely focused on real estate and government offices. The state of California is very diverse in people, languages, and even climate, and its capital doesn’t disappoint with the alternative option of a more family-oriented setting industrial city. However, many businesses struggle to attract the attention of top marketing leaders from outside of the immediate area and draw them, presenting both a challenge and a unique opportunity to local organizations.

Got Other Marketing Needs? Try Our Sacramento Marketing Staffing Services

In need of other forms of marketing expertise? MarketPro is also proud to be an excellent Sacramento marketing staffing firm. MarketPro’s unique understanding of the valley’s distinct setting enables us to find top marketing talent at all levels for our clients across the West Coast.