Recruitment Process Outsourcing: Ad Agency, Marketing RPO

You Need a Lot of Marketing Talent – Fast? No Problem!


Good news – you’re expanding to take advantage of a big business opportunity! Bad news – you need a LOT of marketing talent FAST, or you’ll risk missing it!

If you’re like most marketing agencies, you’re not equipped to hire large volumes of specialized professionals all at once. You know all too well how difficult it can be to hire one good marketer. What do you do when you need to hire 50, 100 or more on a tight deadline?

The solution? Marketing Recruitment Process Outsourcing from MarketPro.

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  1. An Intro to Marketing RPO

    Recruitment Process Outsourcing shifts the burden of hiring en masse to a firm that’s better equipped to do it. It’s a streamlined way to find the best people possible for your available marketing positions.

    The hiring process is already painfully long in most organizations. When you’re seeing huge growth in your business, you don’t have the time it takes to carefully place ads, screen candidates and find the very best people.

    Fortunately, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. With our marketing RPO services, you can rely on our proven methods of finding, screening and hiring marketing talent to ensure you’re getting the very best for your team.

Put Your Hiring in Expert Hands

Whether you are taking on a big new account (or several major clients at once), or looking to open a new branch across the country, you need a lot of marketers, ASAP! No problem—that’s what we do. Our specially focused RPO process gets you what you need—and who you need.

Our marketing RPO takes the hard part of hiring marketers—the research, evaluation, communication and recruitment—out of your hands.

You tell us the talent you need, we bring you the best available to choose from; even when it’s already employed and not actively looking for work. From advertisers to direct response professionals, brand experts to digital innovators and everything in between, our proven recruitment strategy and experience will deliver the know-how and execution you need to grow.

We’ll represent a cohesive, professional face for your company through the entire recruitment and hiring process. And as top marketing RPO providers we’ll integrate our process with your systems for a seamless transition during candidate handoffs and onboarding.

No endless piles of resumes or armies of underqualified candidates to interview, and less time wasted when you need to be focusing it on managing your growth.

Quantity, Quality, Quickly

  1. As many marketers as you need

    Whether you need a moderate-sized team of specialized experts to execute a mission-critical project to jumpstart your growth, or a small army marketers of all levels to compliment a massive new department, MarketPro can help. We’ve done it before, and we can do it again for you.

  2. Top-tier talent

    Since MarketPro was formed we’ve been recruiting marketers—and only marketers; all day, every day. Since we’re all marketers ourselves, we’re uniquely capable of understanding your needs and communicating with top talent in a way they know and appreciate. You’ll get great marketers with modern skillsets and the right culture fit to thrive in your work environment.

  3. The speed you need

    Opportunities for explosive growth don’t last long. MarketPro’s refined marketing RPO process assembles your marketing team in time to take advantage of them. Our experienced recruiters act fast to locate the best marketing talent—even if it’s already employed—and bring it to you. Save time and resources knowing you’re getting the right people for the job the first time, and won’t have to waste time on expensive rehires and replacements.

Your MarketPro Advantage

Our marketing RPO service provides you with great talent on schedule, the right way:

  • Reap the benefits of strategic ads and promotions custom-crafted by marketing recruitment experts.

  • Quickly source key candidates for executive and support roles, even if they’re already occupied with another job.

  • Strengthen your employer brand by providing candidates with support throughout the hiring process and creating a positive experience with your company.

  • Thoroughly analyze local the local talent market to get the absolute best marketers in your areas. 

  • Measure, manage and optimize the recruiting process for sustained success.

MarketPro’s specialized RPO team is devoted solely to situations just like yours. Our team’s national talent portfolio, connections, and experience immediately go to work for you. We are the #1 experts in locating, attracting, and hiring the absolute top talent for your company. Top results in half the time. Whether it’s 50 or 500—put us to work so you can get to work!