Public Relations Staffing


Partner with MarketPro for an outstanding public relations staffing experience. Our exceptional public relations recruiters scout out the best staffing talent in the field to launch your business to a higher level of success.

A Reliable Public Relations Marketing Staffing Experience

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  • Culture Fit to Maximize Your ROI: As the PR world continues to evolve, so should your company. Often times, companies get left behind the competition due to lack of resources, knowledge, and experienced talent. With over 20 years of recruitment experience, MarketPro can provide you with the confidence you seek in your hiring process. We ensure the talent we choose blends with the sophistication of your business and can solve your unique problem. In other words, we know exceptional talent is one of your company’s most valuable assets.
  • Locating Quality Talent Regardless of Their Status: The most professionally qualified talent in public relations is always in high demand. The majority of them are either employed or too busy to encounter your opportunities organically. However, with the help of a firm run and owned by marketers, your firm can rely on MarketPro to find and engage passive and active candidates alike.
  • A Speedy Investment: Public relations is such a diverse and quickly growing area. It requires top-notch talent and swiftness in order to complete tasks in short periods of time. Tackling your company’s problems is our number one priority, and a partnership with MarketPro’s public relations recruiters ensures your business will be well-equipped and will surpass the competition.

Our Public Relations Staffing Gets It Right Every Time

With many technology advancements, the marketing world has introduced a new wave of modernized public relations ventures. Our team of skilled, committed recruiters have the training to effectively set the stage for your company’s success. We understand the hiring process can be challenging and unfamiliar, so we deliver a unique perspective to our clients that end in quality solutions.

After 20+ years of gaining and sharpening our public relations experience, our public relations recruiters’ extensive and intimate view of public relations staffing remains unmatched. Allow us to step in and lead on your behalf to find the best public relations talent you need in a timely fashion. We even extend the scouting to those who aren’t looking for new job opportunities.

How Our Public Relations Staffing Benefits You

As public relations continues to have a strong presence in marketing, it is important for your business to stay updated and well-versed on the changes and new trends. PR is a very advantageous medium for marketers, as this industry uses channels like TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, social media, and more. A PR campaign also has the potential to harvest a high return promotional expense. Since traditional news outlets are fading, allow MarketPro to place the perfect candidate who will help your business find new ways to reach their target markets.

Let MarketPro’s outstanding services drive your company forward by delivering the most professionally qualified public relations talent. By utilizing omnichannel sources, your business will be a top contender in the marketing worlds in no time. It takes a lot of work to build and maintain a brand, but partnering with MarketPro protects your investment.

Searching For More Public Relations Expertise?

MarketPro also serves a leading public relations executive search firm. Our unique understanding and expertise as one of the top PR and marketing recruitment agencies will give you the confidence needed to hire top PR leadership at all levels for your business.