Ready-Made Marketing Teams at Your Fingertips

When you need to handle a large project quickly, you need all hands on deck. But what happens if you don’t have the hands to spare? Do you overwork your staff or pay a big fee to an outside advertising agency?

Fortunately, there’s a third option!

When a contract marketing specialist or two won’t be enough, call MarketFlex – our insourced, outsourced or virtual solution to your biggest marketing execution problems.

With MarketFlex you can get the results you need with a ready-made solution that doesn’t add more stress to your full-time employees’ bandwidth. You’ll gain access to top marketing talent that can get to work immediately on your special project. Best of all – you’ll save money on paying ad agency mark-ups and rush fees.

How it Works

MarketPro’s MarketFlex program maintains teams of screened, interviewed and approved marketing professionals across a breadth of different disciplines. From digital to creative to print – we’ve got your project needs covered.

As marketers first, recruiters second, our team knows what to look for in the marketing field – we’ve been able to identify top talent and keep them “on call” just for your special projects. They can work as an outsourced solution, come on site and work with your team or collaborate virtually.

Our teams are designed to get results – even under the tightest of deadlines. We have professionals in:

  • Advertising
  • Creative
  • Digital

  • SEO
  • Writing
  • Design
  • Analytics

By describing your project, your needs and your deadlines, our recruiters can get to work to quickly place a team on your project. We not only give you the team that you need at your location – but you get the results that you’re looking for at a lower cost.

A Turnkey Solution

In a fast-moving marketing environment, wading through a drawn-out traditional hiring process can hold you back from your full potential. When you realize an opportunity, you can’t wait to take advantage of it.

Seize these opportunities as they come with MarketFlex. When you have a sudden marketing project to be completed quickly, MarketFlex provides the additional expertise and capacity you need on demand.

Our MarketFlex contractors are pre-approved by our experienced marketing recruitment staff and are ready to work for you. Whatever your needs, you’ll get the necessary talent; even on a tight schedule.

Regain Control of Your Marketing

Working with an agency can be effective; but it also tends to be quite costly and slow, even for small assignments. And even the best agencies don’t always match up with your creative vision or messaging philosophy.

In order to get things done just the way you want, sometimes it’s better to bring them in-house so you can directly oversee projects and have more control over your marketing progress. With our MarketFlex service you get a professional team of marketing experts to execute your marketing the way you want it done. And you’ll save money doing it.

With fewer bureaucratic hoops to jump through to submit a work order or change request, MarketFlex also improves your nimblness. At a time when the ability to seize opportunities and react to competition and market shifts has never been more important, easy access to an assembled team of experts under your direction is invaluable.

Extra Capacity – Just When You Need it

Your marketing needs come and go. Some justify a full-time hire…while others just need short-term attention. MarketFlex offers reliable service right away, without the indefinite remuneration obligations of a salaried position.

You decide the work that needs to be done and how long you’ll need the additional marketing bandwidth. Then when your projects are completed and it’s time to shift focus, you can release your MarketFlex team and move your priorities elsewhere.

Incredible talent. Better results. Less cost. There’s a lot to love about MarketFlex. Hit the ground running and contact us today to get started on your special project.