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Seize the promising opportunity to partner with MarketPro, a modern entertainment marketing staffing firm. With more than a decade of industry experience, our entertainment marketing staffing experts have the resources needed to provide a platform of future untapped success for your company.

A Five-Star Entertainment Marketing Staffing Agency

  • Artistry in Entertainment Marketing: For 20+ years, MarketPro has built its credibility as the leading entertainment marketing staffing firm. Our firm’s expert entertainment marketing recruiters are former marketers themselves, and know exactly what to look for when forecasting the next big thing. MarketPro understands there is no room for slacking in entertainment and appreciates ambitious, high-performance, result driven entertainment marketers who can combine technology and necessary tactics to build your brand.
  • Talent at the Crowd’s Demand: Driven by consumer demand and advanced technology, the entertainment industry is rapidly growing and evolving. Our entertainment marketing staffing veterans have an award winning expertise when placing first class talent in a rapid time frame. We believe in providing fast talent without the sacrifice of quality.
  • Unique Placement Process: At MarketPro we make it a priority to figure out your needs and deliver you a customized marketing talent solution. We act as an extended team member in striving to reach your company’s full potential. Let us know your past tactics, expected company growth and gaps you need to fill, these components allow us to deliver an entertainment marketer with tailored talent solutions that meet your unique needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: In a profit driven industry, it is necessary to reduce expenses whenever possible. A full-time hire is not always necessary for every need. MarketPro’s entertainment marketing staffing recruiters can provide a quality interim marketer who will in turn deliver you the same results, if not better, than a full-time hire. In partnering with MarketPro, you’ll be able to reduce cost of taking on a full-time hire and avoid the associated commitment.

MarketPro’s Incredible Entertainment Marketing Staffing Talent Search

As a leader in entertainment marketing staffing, our recruiters know what it takes to shine brighter than competition. MarketPro has mastered entertainment marketing with 20+ solid years of experience. We are all former marketers, so we have an insider’s look on marketing. MarketPro stands apart from competing staffing agencies because we solely specialize in marketing, providing you the best talent solutions. Whether it be for one or a dozen entertainment marketers, for a few months or few years, our entertainment marketing staffing experts have your back.

Moving Forward in Entertainment Marketing

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Driven by innovation, technology and consumer demand, creativity is a must-have in all verticals of entertainment. Allow your company the golden opportunity of adding a high caliber asset to your marketing team. Entertainment is all about the audience and what they want. Social media is the driving force of audiences, you’re in need of an expert marketer who not only delivers results that combine social media skills but possesses the creativity to excel in social selling, and technology reform messaging. Many companies attempt to tackle social media, but fall short; MarketPro is here to convert social media influences into your company revenue.

Although lucrative, challenges arise constantly that affect your company’s profitability such as piracy, and digitization of media and protection of intellectual assets. New advanced technology has made it accessible for anyone with a smartphone to be a ‘player’ in the entertainment industry. The digitization of media has opened a gateway of new hosts of copy infringement and piracy risks to hinder your business; therefore, creating a challenge in protecting your intellectual assets. A master entertainment marketer is able to negate uncertainties, construct a strategic plan to tackle such hindering forces and continue growing profits and ROI.

With entertainment as a communication force for almost everyone, your services whether digital, journalism, fashion, or even social media are highly in demand. You have a plethora of profits to be made in this billion dollar industry but require an experienced marketer to bring awareness to your talents. Join forces with MarketPro and reach new heights of success!

Need a Leader to Guide Your Team? Explore Our Entertainment Marketing Executive Search Services

MarketPro is proud to be an entertainment marketing staffing firm that also doubles as a top of the line entertainment marketing executive search firm. MarketPro’s unique understanding of technology and consumer demand has groomed our recruiters over the years to find top marketing talent at all levels for you.