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The top companies of the Midwest partner with the top Detroit marketing executive search firm, MarketPro, to bring in the cutting-edge marketing executives needed to lead their organization in a direction of extensive growth.

An Improved Detroit Marketing Executive Search Experience

Unmatched Results at the Speed You Need: In the swiftly evolving frantic and hectic business environment of Detroit, it’s immensely beneficial to work with an agile marketing executive search firm. We can quickly bring you the leadership you need with great results. Our Detroit marketing executive search time consistently beats our competitors’ averages, putting you ahead of the competition. In our commitment as an executive search firm, we ensure our clients get quality talent as quickly as possible.

We Maximize Results by Reflecting Your Values: In the rapidly developing and competitive marketing world, especially in the Motor City of Detroit, it’s essential to have insight on the best talent available. At MarketPro we recognize the qualities senior marketing leadership should have to add value to any business on all levels. We also filter through the best marketers in order to properly fit them to the culture of your company. The experience we bring to our clients across the country and in the Detroit area is vigorously drives our 98% stick rate, the highest in the industry.

Selecting the Best Talent through Our Research: MarketPro’s excellent team of Detroit marketing executive recruiters understands that the best executive marketing talent simply wouldn’t need to be looking for work, as they’ll already be employed. So we go out and find them for you. Our relentless recruiters know how to find and engage the top people who fit our clients’ specific needs, not just those who are easily available.

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MarketPro’s Dynamic Marketing Executive Talent Presence in Detroit

As a top executive search firm in the Detroit and Midwestern market, we bring an exclusive outlook to our clients and to the area’s businesses, locally and internationally. MarketPro’s investigation of the most talented candidates in the field sharpens the roles the marketers will fill for our clients. We are qualified for this extensive search due to our extensive knowledge with over a hundred years of experience in an array of fields in the marketing world.

As marketers we specifically understand the leadership it takes to produce successful strides in marketing for businesses of all types, in all industries. This level of unmatched experience in marketing permits us the access to the rare individuals with talent. We then evaluate them on qualifications for both culture fit and skillset unique to your company.

MarketPro’s Detroit marketing executive recruiters also know what messages are most effective in engaging the best-performing talent Detroit and its surrounding areas have to offer. We even extend the search to those that are not currently looking for career opportunities themselves. MarketPro constantly strives to recruit the absolute best executive marketing talent for you.

A Beneficial Partnership Enhanced by a Performance-Based Payment Model

Our choice to engage in a performance-based system creates a mutually beneficial partnership that allows us to work together with you to achieve a better result. This establishes trust in the security of landing marketing leadership that best fits your company in a timely fashion, ensuring long-term success.

Other traditional payment systems used by other executive search firms fail to create a relationship that leads to hiring the best talent available. So we considered what would be best for our clients and created a performance-based model instead.

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The Marketing Experience in the City of Detroit


Detroit has been known as “The Motor City” for its booming industrial age of the automobile industry, now the city is the second largest economic center in the Midwest. It is known to also be the home of the famous “Motown Records” where pop star Michael Jackson and R&B classics the Temptations and the Supremes. It is also a major port on the Detroit River which is connected to the Great Lakes, and ultimately the Saint Lawrence Seaway giving way to the Atlantic. The metropolitan area of Detroit holds just about half of the state of Michigan’s population. The city has been under a reconstructive renaissance period after a major shift in the automobile industry revitalizing the entertainment sector of the economy, increasing the population of Downtown, Midtown, and other areas.

Several Fortune 500 companies are headquartered in this economic hub with sectors of their economy strongly represented by manufacturing, healthcare, finance, technology, and many others. Major companies that take root in Detroit would be General Motors, Quicken Loans, Compuware and more. Businesses come here and thrive right alongside the city’s rich culture, taking a captivating glimpse back into the past while moving forward into a promising future.

Need More Than Leadership? Try Our Detroit Marketing Staffing Services

In need of more marketing talent in other areas of your business? MarketPro is also proud to be a proficient Detroit marketing recruiting firm that locates great marketers on all levels for our clients. MarketPro holds a unique understanding of Michigan’s growing industries which enable us to find top marketing talent in the Midwest and across the country.