CPG Marketing Staffing

Partner with MarketPro, the leading innovative CPG marketing staffing firm. Our veteran CPG marketing recruiters will provide you with top talent to make your business become a dominant force in the CPG industry.

An Innovative CPG Marketing Staffing Experience

  • Quick results for a Fast-Paced Industry: 3,000 products are launched every year in the rigorous CPG industry, making it difficult for start-ups or veteran long-time companies to remain relevant. MarketPro’s CPG marketing staffing experts provide you with an advanced CPG marketer in less than half the time of other agencies. With no interruptions in your daily activities, you’ll have a new top talent marketer on your team in an unmatched time frame, ready to get your company ahead of competition.
  • Finding Top Talent is a Challenge for Most, Not for Us : MarketPro has set the standard in CPG marketing staffing recruitment, with a credible platform created twenty years ago by former marketers. We have an extensive network of the best CPG marketers in our reach. Our CPG marketing staffing experts search for talent, even when they aren’t seeking  career options, providing you with the best talent solutions CPG marketing has to offer. Our veteran marketers have an intimate perspective on the marketing industry and understand what skills are necessary to keep your company afloat.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Given the opportunity to have a top tier marketer on your team without the cost of a full-time hire, it is the direction to travel to reduce avoidable risks. We’ll provide you with an experienced contract CPG marketer who will deliver the same quality results as a full-time hire, without the commitment and hassle.
  • Packaged Special Just for You: Our CPG marketing staffing recruiters have over one hundred years of combined experience, resulting in an extensive network of the best CPG marketers. Partner with MarketPro and you too can have top talent on your team. And it gets even better, we provide talent solutions tailored just for you! Fill us in on your company’s growth expectations, performance level and strategic plans and we’ll find the right match to fill in the gaps and get your business on its way to new heights of success.

MarketPro’s Advanced CPG Marketing Staffing Talent Search

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The challenges a marketer has to face in this market are difficult, so you need a CPG marketer with high endurance, ambition, and innovative technology skills to get you on your way. That is why we strive relentlessly to bring a unique perspective to our clients. Whether you’re a start-up or a long-time business, we have talent solutions for your unique needs no matter the size.

Our marketers are experienced CPG marketing staffing recruiters, who understand exactly what is needed to have your business succeed. Our extensive background in CPG marketing sets an unmoving platform to foster your company’s growth and success. Having such an extensive background also allows our CPG marketing staffing recruiters to conduct detailed, distinctive candidate searches when placing talent on your team.

After decades of gaining and sharpening CPG marketing experience no one can compare to our extensive, intimate view of your marketing world. Seize the opportunity and partner with MarketPro to elevate your business.

Marketing in the CPG Industry

The odds of failure are extremely high in the CPG industry, with a 15% chance of succession, a staggering 85% of CPGs fail in the market with 3,000 products introduced every year. Distinctiveness, relevance and endurance are key factors to gain your business laudable profits and success.

Our CPG marketing staffing experts will handpick a top CPG marketer that will implement distinctiveness into your brand by delivering a new value proposition. Your brand needs a unique selling proposition to let it stand apart from competitors. Our CPG marketer will structure a strategic plan to differentiate your product and increase market share. Distinctiveness is achieved through digital communication to engage the public. You’re in need of an expert who has the technological competency to gain customers through digital efforts such as social media, video content or other forms of content based online and offline.

Relevance is strongly needed, your brand needs to stay in the households and conversations of consumers to build customer loyalty, increase customer retention and generate profits. Endurance is another important factor that deals with the metrics of your business. To maintain leadership in the CPG industry, an advanced CPG marketer will work relentlessly to ensure you achieve a set percentage of the previous year’s sales in the second year to keep your company afloat. Our network of marketers set high standards for their work efforts, producing high caliber results that are proven in increased market share, greater customer base, and higher ROI.

Seeking to Fill a Leadership Role?

Are you in need of promptly filling a leadership role? MarketPro is also a well know CPG marketing executive search firm who helps companies of all sizes to contract marketers for their unique needs. MarketPro quickly connects you to a whole new side of marketing with a network of experienced and proven professionals who fit your unique situation.