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Content Marketing Staffing That Brings Customers to You

Why should a consumer listen to you?

Today’s audiences have never had more choice when it comes to consuming media. They’re never more than a channel change, phone swipe, or mouseclick away from something else. So why, when there is on-demand video content, streaming music, free novels and more at their fingertips would anyone spend a moment listening to your company trying to sell them something?

The way consumers are interacting with media is changing. You’re no longer just competing with other organizations to put the most compelling ads on the most cost-effective media space. You’re competing with every digital content producer in the world for attention. And the only way you can expect to win is to produce better content of your own and effectively put it in front of your target audience.

Bring Consumers to You

Why buy expensive ads to place intrusively in front of your audience when you can have them come to you?

People are drawn to valuable, entertaining, informative content of all kinds. If you create quality media and promote it effectively, your inbound marketing efforts will have people in need of your product coming to you as a resource for valuable information, assistance and entertainment.

With the right inbound marketing staffing talent you can become an industry authority and thought leader, improving your brand image in the eyes of consumer and putting your products top-of-mind when they decide to make a purchase. With MarketPro you can easily assemble a team to generate great content and create the strategic support it needs to get in front of as many eyes as possible.

Create Value, Attract Customers

With more media than ever to choose from, making yourself heard has never been harder. You’ll need truly exceptional content that immediately proves its value to capture attention and keep your audience from turning the page, changing the channel, closing the window and tuning you out. You’ll have to provide content that offers more than just a sales message; that means compelling blog posts, entertaining videos, practical graphics, relevant audio production and more. Content is the core of your inbound strategy. It’s what consumers experience, share, and leads them to come back for more.

In today’s media environment, it’s hard to draw attention. But it’s not going to get any easier if you wait. More and more actors (including your competitors) are engaging in content creation and marketing every day. That’s why it’s important to start building a library of valuable content and a base of consumers now. The later you dive into content marketing, the more difficult it will be to make a splash. We know what makes a good content marketer, and we can help you find the talent you need to engage your audience.

Content that Captures Attention
Ad blindness has never been more prevalent. Web pages have seconds at most to entice a browser. Millions of media outlets from major news networks to small niche blogs are fighting for a few moments of consumers’ time. We provide creative content makers experienced in breaking through the noise and making your voice heard.
Make Your Brand Go Viral
A key characteristic of exceptional content marketers is the ability to create viral content – digital products that are so good, people that encounter it want to share with their friends, family and peers. Making content that”s easy to share and remarkable enough to be worth passing on to others isn’t easy. It takes a special kind of creative talent to identify viral opportunities and generate content to fill them. If you want your content—and your brand— to spread widely and quickly across your audience, turn to MarketPro for content marketing staffing talent that can make it happen.
Build Loyalty
When you provide valuable content to someone during a time of need, you become more than a product seller. You’re a solution, a resource that they’ll turn to first in the future when similar needs arise. Creating consistent value builds trust and creates loyal customers—customers who not only will return for more products and listen when you communicate with them, but will also recommend your brand to others.
Long-Term Value
Well-crafted, thoughtfully made content is a nearly permanent asset you can use , reuse, and modify for months or years to come. Investing into content marketing staffing now provides you assets that will attract customers almost indefinitely.

Completing Your Inbound Strategy

Content is the foundation of your inbound marketing, but it can’t stand alone. It must be supported by strong market research, analytics and promotion strategies. If you can’t identify the kind of content your customers want and the best way to present it to them, even well-made content becomes effectively useless. Compliment your content marketing staffing with the talent necessary to ensure its success.

  • Project Management Staffing to oversee the research, ideation, development, execution, and distribution of your content.
  • Market Analytics Staffing and Web Analytics Staffing to look for content opportunities and identify which inbound tactics work best for you.
  • SEO Staffing to optimize your content for the web and improve its visibility to your audience.
  • Social Media Staffing to promote your content on social networks, engage your audience and nurture a viral environment.
  • Marketing Automation Staffing to automate the distribution, promotion, and customer engagement processes and reduce the manual load on your marketing resources.

Inbound Marketing Success with Experienced Recruiters

Content marketing success requires a special set of skills – and without ground-floor experience in the marketing department, it’s hard to know what to look for.

Content marketing staffing offers a cost-effective way to bring in the content generation capabilities you need to impress and compel your target audience. Your content needs will shift over time; as part of the digital marketing discipline, content and writing requirements for the web change so often that the characteristics that define a great content creator are constantly shifting.

With more media than ever to choose from, making yourself heard has never been harder.

Your creative marketing team needs talented writers who not only know the technical ins and outs of creating for multiple audiences, but who also have the ability to tell great stories. That’s where MarketPro’s experience in the marketing field and connections to hidden talent can be so essential in the marketing staffing process. And with our connections to “hidden” talent that may not be actively looking, we can find the brand storytelling experts that can take your written content from boring to brand building.

Better writers. Stronger brand impact. It’s all possible with MarketPro. Ready to get started? Share your inbound vision with us and we’ll show you how to make it a reality.