Director of Digital Marketing Executive Search in Chicago, IL!

Filled Marketing Jobs

MarketPro has partnered with a leading consumer services brand in Chicago, IL that’s the number one player in its industry and growing at an accelerated growth rate of 20% YoY. The Director of Digital Marketing role is a key position that will help this organization transform its digital marketing efforts by instituting today’s sophisticated and modern digital best practices. He/She will be responsible for digital marketing strategy and execution, and drive growth for the organization with this marketing executive search.

 Responsibilities Include:

  • Build out marketing infrastructure to enable digital communication and measurement
  • Lead organization in strategic thought around digital marketing and implementation of best practices within budget
  • Set strategy through analysis of historical marketing data
  • Grow database using inbound marketing, including but not limited to search engine optimization, social media, landing page conversion testing, online advertising, and email marketing
  • Forecast and present to senior management how digital marketing will help the business grow
  • Create the strategy for nurturing our leads through a mix of helpful content and other calls-to-action
  • Find new approaches to lead nurturing, including but not limited to channels like email, social media, blogging and events
  • Create and manage database marketing strategy
  • Utilize customer data to grow data set for better long-term decision making
  • Lead technical aspects of key marketing systems (marketing automation, CRM, data services, and lead management processes across those systems)
  • Create and maintain metrics reports on digital marketing activities that detail their effectiveness and business impact
  • Drive overall digital marketing plan and grow our leadership position in a competitive space
  • Ability to show clear ownership of digital marketing and its ongoing success and contribution to organizational growth


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Strong experience working with external digital partners
  • Deep understanding of SEO, SEM, content and traffic
  • 10-15 years of experience
  • Excellent B2C digital marketing experience with a measurable impact
  • History of measuring and reporting on digital marketing’s impact on the business
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Measure and optimize marketing projects, reporting results and proposing improved ways of operating based on the data
  • Strong digital marketing guru
  • Strong analytical skills and experience with providing senior leadership a dashboard to monitor results
  • Proficient in marketing automation systems and integrating those systems with other marketing technologies to drive cost effective programs.
  • Bright, energetic, analytical, problem-solver
  • Self-director, action-oriented
  • Critical thinker, proactive in proposing tests, ideas, solutions, channel strategies
  • Strong desire to take part in an amazing journey with a growing company (largest, oldest and #1 in the industry) that is grounded in its mission, vision and values
  • Strong leadership skills


  • Master’s degree in Marketing
  • Healthcare industry experience
  • Direct Response experience

This is a full-time direct hire.