Top Method Chief Digital Officer Recruiters Use To Reduce Stress & Burnout

Chief Digital Officer Recruiters

As chief digital officer recruiters, we come in contact with many top marketing professionals who are consistently stressed or overwhelmed. Whether it’s work-related or personal, we all are continuously trying to find methods that will relieve us from negative feelings. However, the truth is, it cannot go away on its own.

If you are consistently stressed or worried, your mental and physical state becomes exhausted. With years in the industry, the leading chief digital officer executive search firm can attest that it will affect your personal life and hinder your ability to perform your job effectively. You need to change this mindset to reduce the potential risk of serious health issues. With years of experience, chief digital officer recruiters understand the amount of stress marketing professionals go through every day. The challenge is finding a way to reduce the stress and mitigate the risk of career burnout.

According to Psychologist Tara Brach, Ph.D., one of the world leaders in mindfulness meditation, under pressure, most of us automatically have thoughts that loop around over and over again and keep us stuck in one state. This is because we do not deal with the actual problem properly. As a result, Tara Brach developed a method called RAIN in which each letter is a step you must overcome before your stress can be reduced.

Chief Digital Officer Executive Search Firm Is Seeing More Executives Use R.A.I.N To Further Their Career Goals While Reducing Their Stress Level:

R: Recognize

It is common knowledge that most marketing leaders have a busy schedule. The constant need to make sure everyone is on the same page and the marketing strategy is being executed as planned, can cause a lot of stress. However, in our line of work, we have seen the misconception about mental burnout. Some marketing professionals find the stress from work to be normal. This is especially true for remote marketing leaders.

To balance work, personal life and mitigate burnout, you must be able to recognize stress when it happens. Don’t ignore it. Trach Brach encourages everyone to take a step back and acknowledge any kind of emotion they may be feeling. Are you anxious? Do you feel stressed? Why do you feel low today? Brach explains, “If you note the emotion, it activates the prefrontal cortex and calms down or reduces the strength of the limbic system.” You are now letting your body process these emotions instead of pushing them away and not dealing with them.

A: Allow

Continuing the process, the next step is to allow. This does not mean making yourself like the kind of emotions you are feeling. Instead, you are allowing yourself the time to understand why you are feeling this way even if it is unpleasant or uncomfortable. You are allowing the experience to just be there.

Quote: “Allowing creates a space that enables us to see more deeply into our being, which, in turn, awakens our caring and helps us make wiser choices in life.” – Tara Brach

I: Investigate

Now is the time to do some investigating. Did you do something different today than the other days when you felt great and powerful? When did you start to get these feelings? With years of experience, chief digital officer recruiters understand natural awareness doesn’t always come easy. Sometimes it will take time and reflection to truly understand the situation. Unless you bring these feelings into awareness, your unconscious beliefs and emotions will control your experience and perpetuate your identification with a limited, deficient self.

N: Nurture

The N of rain is to nurture and bring compassion to what’s there. Now that you recognize you are stressed, you’ve allowed yourself to process your stress and reflect on why you are stressed. Essentially, you have covered the who, what, and why scenarios. The last step is how. How are you going to deal with these emotions? What kind of practice will help you shift your negative perspective? According to Brach and the leading chief digital officer executive search firm, the best solution is to just be naturally aware and take some time for yourself. Whether it’s 5 minutes or a day, each time you are willing to slow down and recognize what your mind and body are telling you, you will gradually be able to reduce your stress level significantly.


If you can get in touch with yourself and be self-nurturing, you will attract a lot more strength, clarity, intelligence, and compassion. Usually, when people are extremely stressed or worried, it is because they have added negativity into the mix and made the stress level increasingly high. Simply, performing R.A.I.N during your daily functions should be able to address your concerns.

However, not every situation is the same. Sometimes, your stress or burnout is due to external causes. Your company could be low on staff or you are not finding enjoyment in your work anymore. Therefore, if you have implemented a routine change and tried using R.A.I.N but are still experiencing burnout, this could indicate the need for a bigger change. The best solution is to consider a job change.

Gather the necessary research to better understand the current market and consider reaching out to a chief digital officer executive search firm. They will be able to reduce the risk of a career change and optimize your chances for a better placement. It is best to relieve your stress now so you can accomplish more in the future.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum