What Executive Marketing Recruiters Are Seeing Top Companies Need In Executives Today

Executive marketing recruiters

Over the course of the year, marketing executive recruiters are seeing more and more companies be forced to pivot. Whether it was focusing on implementing the best digital marketing practices or building an effective remote marketing team, leaders needed to make sure they were using all of their resources to ensure the stability of the business. As a result, companies today are looking for top marketing executives who understand the changes in the market and are capable of pivoting when necessary. The reality is recent events have given leaders a better understanding of what kind of marketing executive they need to better prepare for the future.

According to recent research done by Jobvite, leaders have “prioritized factors like diversity, equity, and inclusion, in addition to the quality of the candidate within their new searches.” This means as candidates search for new remote executive jobs, they need to be prepared to demonstrate their ability/stance within these categories as well as highlight how their past experiences can be used as an advantage in their new position. To ensure your competitiveness in the job market, here are key elements you need to factor in before starting your search.

Executive Marketing Recruiters Shines Light On What Companies Are Looking For And What That Means For Candidates:

Transferable Skills

In past recruitment processes, executive marketing recruiters have narrowed down their searches based on the position or title a candidate holds. In doing so, they hoped to find top talent who has the experience and expertise needed to perform daily functions.

However, this method is not enough for companies today. What’s more important than your job title are the skills you have. Can you translate those skills into your job? Candidates have a better chance of landing a position if they can become adaptable, have a problem-solving mindset, and can communicate effectively within the team. Needless to say, you can no longer rely on your past remote executive jobs and titles to help you advance in your career.

COVID-19 Stories

While many marketing professionals are ready to embrace a new year, market, and goals, the reality is COVID-19 has played a major role in the changes companies are facing. Organizations and recruiters are now using this event to better understand how candidates can perform under pressure. Instead of being asked “ Tell me about yourself”, you might be asked a question on how you handled COVID-19 or how it changed you as a leader. Executive marketing recruiters want to see how proactive you were during this period of time. Therefore, you need to take some time to think about the topic. How did you grow as a marketing professional? Did your management style change?

Diversity and Inclusion

While diversity and inclusion are discussed in most recruitment processes, companies are more determined when it comes to diversity hiring more than ever before. Research shows “most companies surveyed have specific diversity hiring goals with respect to race/ethnicity and gender, while others also had goals related to age, veteran status, LGBTQ+ people, and immigrants.

Executive marketing recruiters are now implementing gender-neutral job descriptions and structured and consistent interview steps. In addition, instead of determining whether or not the candidate is a cultural fit, recruiters are now asking how the candidate will add to the company’s culture. Therefore, as marketing executive leaders, you must have a clear understanding of your values and how you have and will implement diversity and inclusion if you are offered the position.


At the end of the day, preparing for the interview is the best solution to calming your nerves and making sure you answer every question thoughtfully and strategically. It is also a great advantage to have a marketing recruiter like MarketPro who is familiar with the job description and has personally interacted with the client. They will help you understand what the client is looking for and what kind of value you can bring to the table. If you are ready to search for new remote marketing executive jobs, take the time to learn more about the changes in today’s market and what that means for candidates like you.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum