Two Diversity Questions That Can Keep You From The Best Marketing Executive Jobs

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If you are looking for digital marketing executive jobs in today’s market, you have probably encountered more diversity questions during the interview process. This is completely normal. Given the chance to hire from a borderless pool of candidates, companies have shifted their interview focus. They are now looking for managers and executives who not only can handle a dispersed marketing team but can make sure inclusion and diversity are displayed across the organization. This means, your preparation for interviews must consist of old and new best practices. The goal is to understand where the company is at and where they want to go. You can then build a list of questions that could be asked during the interview process.

If you take a closer look at various industries in today’s market, you will notice most companies are evolving their marketing strategies. Whether it’s rebranding, improving customer service, or trying to build brand loyalty, customers are expecting more from the companies they purchase from. For companies to exceed these expectations, they need to gain the necessary perspective of the target market. Therefore, the inclusion of different backgrounds and experiences helps marketing executives better understand what is needed in a product or service.

This, in turn, makes diversity one of the main priorities for all top organizations. As the leading digital marketing executive headhunters, MarketPro has listed some of the hardest diversity questions companies use in today’s interview process.

Interview Questions Marketing Leaders Should Be Prepared To Answer When Applying For Marketing Executive Jobs:

What does diversity, inclusion, and equity mean to you and do you believe it is important?

At first glance, top talent might assume all three words have the same overall meaning. This is where executives will lose some merit. Do not group all of the terms into one response. Employers want to know you have truly grasped the meaning of each term and find the value behind the concept. You need to break down each term and acknowledge the distinct differences and their importance to you.

Ultimately, you want to make it clear to your future employers how much value you believe having diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace would bring. Reflecting on your reason why you feel strongly about the concept, will help recruiters better understand why you will be a champion for the company’s values.

As a leader, what strategies would you use to solve diversity issues within the workplace?

According to Forbes, this is one of the hardest questions employers ask when conducting interviews for marketing executive jobs. This answer must be carefully executed. Diversity is not an easy topic. Customers come from diverse backgrounds and employees require acceptance and unity within the workplace. Marketing leaders must continuously be promoting tolerance, acceptance, and inclusion through every interaction. While certain issues may not be as big to you, others may feel differently. You have to become more alert and be able to address the situation professionally. Therefore, as the leading digital marketing executive headhunters, how you answer this question will determine if you are qualified to manage the marketing team.

To deliver the best possible answer, you must understand the key diversity practices companies use to become successful. The main key point is consistency. Companies that have great diversity policies but lack implementation will have the same issues in the near future. As a top marketing leader, you need to make sure you have the people, tools, and capabilities to implement the policies before it is established. This is the first step to mitigating all diversity issues within the company.

Here are a few diversity practices used by top companies in today’s market:

  • Using external recruiting companies that have experience with diverse recruitment
  • Reducing unconscious bias in the hiring process
  • Using popular job boards to get an array of different candidates
  • Make sure you have a diverse recruitment team
  • Use gender-neutral language in job descriptions
  • Ensuring your brand reflect diversity

The second step to solve diversity issues is to reduce the amount of bias in the recruitment process. While most diversity conflicts arise from unconscious biases, partnering with an external agency that has specialized in diversity over the past few decades will help you achieve your goals faster. You need to put standards on your organization to create and enforce diversity initiatives.

In the end, the best executive candidates know how to demonstrate their abilities. You want to understand how the company has handled diversity issues in the past and how you can improve their process. You need to be able to explain why you believe your methods will work and how you plan to implement them. This will boost your chances of landing top marketing executive jobs.


As we adjust to the new normal, marketing leaders will continue to see more diversity questions in the interview process. You can’t “wing it” any longer. Top candidates who are passionate about furthering their careers must carefully execute their answers with a great executive presence. The confidence and tone in the way an individual speaks will determine the respect and attention they receive in the room. Adjacently, it is hard to convince an interviewer you would be the best fit without proper knowledge of the subject. The more time you spend preparing for the interview, the more confidence you will have. Therefore, as the leading digital marketing executive headhunters, MarketPro recommends each candidate reach out to marketing recruiters to better understand what companies are looking for and positions that better fit their needs.

Author:  Melissa Van Rossum